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    Advice for new etl

    I mean... think about all of those hours they put in for less pay than hourly. Not saying long term your wrong as a seasoned TL will do far better than your fresh out of college ETL but most time they think of the bottom line.
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    Personal LOA-Reason?

    When I went on LOA I just called Reedgroup which the number is on Like you, had a lot going on in my life and just told them that (stress, anxiety). I didn't know timeframe wise when they asked so I asked what was typical and they said a month and put me down for that...
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    Advice for new etl

    Coming from AP SAFETY!!! Order those cooling vests, hats, cones, spill station supplies, etc. Outside of that, schedule your TL's to the peak times and have them be you. My current ETL SE was fresh out of college when they started and was the type that didn't even know how to screw in a...
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    Team lead bonus

    Speaking of bonuses.... anyone know the numbers this year and requirements? I remember seeing something like sales, hours.... $1,500 top out.
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    Personal leave question

    Talk to HR about your concerns as they are the ones that can potentially key you as non-rehireable. As long as you were good at your job, showed up on time, etc I wouldn't see a reason why you couldn't re-apply and get accepted.
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    What does being a "red" store mean?

    Red store can mean a lot of things but to sum it up things are bad. Zone and instocks are typically the big flags from visits. As allnew2 mentioned, metrics can play into it but for the most part you will know things are bad before metrics start to hit you. Take a look around your store and...
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    I have to disagree... at least at my store. Countless times I've seen our team members talking in depth with people about different products and offering add ons. Many times the team member starts the conversation when they just happen to see someone at random looking at a few different products.
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    COVID-19 Demand that Target Protect and Compensate the Team As Covid Surges On!

    Our store is actually 100% mask on. No mask on without a valid exception and write up.
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    Corporate Dear Corporate...

    No clue honestly.
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    Corporate Dear Corporate...

    Are you a tech team member? Recently all tech team members got email access so that could be the case. You could try calling CSC if you haven't already. I would choose the option for AP as you usually get someone that knows what your talking about and can escalate it to the correct area vs...
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    Health Insurance Average Hours question... Help!

    Is average hours calculated based on total year or does it reset during certain times? Ie, a team member averaged 20 hours Feb-September but bumped up to 32 Oct-Dec.
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    Corporate Dear Corporate...

    What does it do and have you tried applying for access? Since you already know about myAccess I would guess you have though lol
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    Answered CA Question

    HR has a book of what action leads to what consequence. Not HR but my guess would be something along the lines of failure to follow which leads to a CA/Final (forgot which one it was) which for finals require HRBP approval. You know that funds should be secured as you do it every night...
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    Target made me fill out this pledge paper ? What is this about ?

    According to the site where you apply: Overview: The Target Team Member Giving Fund was created to help team members who are facing financial hardship due to a qualifying event. Qualified events include: Natural disasters, military deployment, fire or flooding...
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    Target made me fill out this pledge paper ? What is this about ?

    As others said all they are looking for is completion. Haven't taken a look at the form this year but in all years previously you were able to donate to a charity of your choice, one of them being the team member giving fund which is a fund that is for team members to request money for if they...
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    Answered Telehealth

    If that doesn't work and your in Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Illinois or Washington TangerineHealth is waving the fee during COVID for virtual visits: Tangerine Health - My girlfriend isn't insured and was able see someone in 5 minutes and they wrote antibiotic...
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    COVID-19 Is anyone else's Target enforcing masks?

    Totally agreed! If a guest is causing a business disruption they should be asked to leave... I haven't personally dealt with the issue yet though around mask policies so its hard to say.
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    Scheduling codes

    Yep, believe its mask distributor.
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    Service & Engagement Is it a big deal to throw out items if you can't find the DPCI?

    Yes, it will lead to shortage. If you can't find it try to get a team member from the department to find it or submit a mysupport.
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    Answered do I still need to call out every day?

    COVID is being handled a bit differently as they know you can't come to the store until results are in. That being said it's best to call your hr to let them know as they have been the ones keeping track of that for expected day back. All other illnesses you need to call out every single day...