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    Archived My availability while transferring.

    I'm available to work 4 days at my present store. It has been this way for the last 3 years I've working for target. I'm about to be transferred to a new store more closer to my house. Will the new store honor my availability?
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    Archived Transferring to new store

    I'm about to transfer to a new store, soon. Which it is closer to my home. I heard the store starts the overnight process at midnight. My question is; Is it possible for a target store to do a full 8 hour shift, if the overnight flow starts at midnight?
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    Archived Can I keep my availability schedule if transfer to another store?

    I am in the process to transfer to another target store that is nearby from where I live. I have been working at my old store for a couple of years. During my time there, I have filled out the availabilityf orm at store terminal. I have a steady schedule that I am to work only 4 days while...