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    Archived Christmas Light Fixtures

    Has anyone else had problems putting up (hanging) the black box Christmas light displays. They usually go up so easily. This year, I think the hang bars were put on upside down?? At least, that is what I can figure out. Any tips? I can't just re-orient the brackets cause they aren't just...
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    Archived A friend's promotion

    Had to delete my post. Sorry
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    Archived Sending Fixtures Back

    During the last cosmetics/beauty reset, out store got the fragrance testers. We have never had testers before. The problem is that we did not have the black locking shelves for them. And they didn't send them. Now, we have two extra. I ordered the shelves. Our STL left. I was told about 3...
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    Archived Watching TM's on Camera

    Does anyone know of ETL's, TL's, etc who use the store cameras to spy or watch employees? Our store has had this happen in the past and now it is happening again. Is this company policy?
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    Archived Can a store have no "O's?"

    How common is it for a given store to give out no O's? I found out today by a reliable source that my store gave out no overall score O's this year. What is really sad is that one of the only people who got an overall O last year got fired recently. I can't say why, might be too revealing.
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    Archived Assortment Instocks

    The problem: When pulling research, do you pull assortment boxes for salesplanners that are not set? The situation: We received two boxes on Monday's truck that are marked as saleplanners for 5-12-13. I backstocked them as usual. They are not set yet. I even checked with our cosmetics TM...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    I got my review yesterday. I knew the score I would receive, so I wasn't unhappy. I got an EX. Which is great. And I got a raise. My question/concern is ... How does someone get an "O" for attendance? Here is my gruff about it: 1. I have open availability except for Sunday morning between...
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    Archived TIPP orders

    I know TIPP is transitioning to a new system. My question is ... We never had the fragrance testers before this last set. We got all the testers but not the two shelves to lock them in to. When I went to order them, AX3315, the prompt to hit "not received" did not come up. Each shelf is over...
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    Archived More at Mcd"s

    How can a franchised McD's have more workers on the clock than at Target? I went to McD's in my small town yesterday at 2:30pm. It was dead inside; the drive thru had a few cars in it. Yet, they had 11 people working. This was 4 more than at our Target at the same time. How is this possible? I...
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    Archived Sitting on the floor

    In the past week, it has become an issue with our POG team about sitting on the floor when resetting a POG. It was an "all of the sudden" type thing. The ETL-LOG said that no one can sit on the floor. We have to use knee pads and kneel. Try doing that for a couple years for minimum wage. It...
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    Archived Cashing in vacation

    Can anyone tell if it is at all possible to still cash in vacation? I have about 120 hours now. I am using 40 in 3 weeks. How can I cash in about 40 more? Thanks!
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    Archived Targets that are closed

    I am concerned about my store. We are an ULV store in an economically downturning area. The Wal-mart closed and moved 5 miles away. The Best Buy closed. The K-mart is closing. Are we next? My question is ... who knows of any Targets that have just closed and left the building standing? The...
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    Archived Sorting Transition

    I have been at Target for 8 years, 3 in the backroom and 5 as the revision/signing person. I have now started to do the backstock side of the line when we process the truck. I am pretty knowledgable about the whole thing. The only struggle I am having is with incoming transition. My flow TM...
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    Archived Throwing them away

    So, two and a half weeks ago, I emailed my STL (as she requested when I think my workload is going to be heavy) and told her this week was extremely heavy in revisions and signing, both of which are my job. Silence. My schedule for this week. 20 hours planogram and 20 hours signing. I can hardly...
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    Archived Hoop Hut

    Does anyone remember the balloon corral we used to have that hung on the ceiling? Was it called the Hoop Hut? We used to have a guest service button that would say "Guest service at the Hoop Hut."
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    Finding Money

    What should a TM do if they find money on the floor or shelf? It was found before the store opened lying on a shelf behind some product. The TM considered turning it in, but what happens then? Seems odd to find it in that place because there is only a slim chance someone dropped it there. It...
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    Archived Who pulls stuff?

    I have been doing the revisions at my store for 5 years. I tie it, put in the pull, set it, push the product, and take any backstock to the stockroom. Well, used to. About 2 years ago, a new ETL-LOG said I should be pulling my own batches. He said it was added into the time it takes to do...
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    Archived FOS Falling for Tubes

    Did anyone else have trouble with those tubes? When I first opened the box, I thought, well this is easy. Stupid things. Whoever designed these could have come up with a better way to keep them circular. The inserts kept popping out. And I couldn't even use the biclops pole to put them up...
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    Archived Backstock and Challenge

    Can an item with no salesfloor location come up challenge when backstocking? Well, yes, I know it can because it happened today. But, why should that happen? I even walked the floor to make sure the items weren't out there somewhere. I couldn't find them. So, why would an item which is not tied...
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    Archived Fake Sales Floor Ties

    Last week, a new ETL-Hardlines asks me which endcaps are odd and which are even. She is standing at a back endcap in A, near the toothpaste. I tell her the even numbers are the back endcaps. I am looking at the endcap wondering what she is tying to this endcap. It is clearly a clearance...