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    Archived Soda merchandisers

    We are a 7:30 unload store too. There pallets and jacks and skids and crap everywhere. Interesting how one store can say no because of safety and branding but another store gets told they can have them on the floor until noon. I guess Target feels our guests don't deserve the same treatment as...
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    Archived The Big & Dandy Plano thread!

    I wish we could come in at 4am. No one at my store comes in before 7am, except on Sunday which is 6am. And on truck days, everyone does truck, which we start unloading at 7:15. So, all our planograms, revisions, and signing get set while the store is open. We used to work much cleaner. But there...
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    Question: We started the all push process in April. EVERYONE does truck, including me. So that's 12 hours a week. And, we can't come in until 7am. (Except Sunday I guess. They come in at 6am.) I have expressed my concerns to 2 team leads and 2 ETL's about how I am supposed to set swaths of...
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    Archived Do Autofill/CAF timers continue to run when exited out of batch?

    I was always told that exiting out of a batch does NOT stop the timer. Just what I have been told. Additionally, I find it pathetic to write up an employee who misses a timed batch due to having vehicles, get a ladder, etc. For example, say you have a batch with two or more departments in...
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    Archived Is our STL lying to us?

    Commie wrote - "No, you won't get fired for not writing Vibe cards but guess what, your raise is tied into them." I'll agree to a point. Your raise is only tied to how many you write generally. In my last review session, I got an E for writing them. When I asked how many I wrote ... blank...
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    Archived Christmas Light Fixtures

    I wish I had time to read the message boards. And at the moment, we have no PTL. I will get on that tomorrow. I can't believe how many thousands of these were done wrong. Ridiculous. Thanks!
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    Archived Christmas Light Fixtures

    Has anyone else had problems putting up (hanging) the black box Christmas light displays. They usually go up so easily. This year, I think the hang bars were put on upside down?? At least, that is what I can figure out. Any tips? I can't just re-orient the brackets cause they aren't just...
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    Archived New technology?

    At huddle yesterday, the LOD said that we are now allowed to carry our cell phones with us (like we didn't already) to help the guest through the target app. My thought - Target didn't purchase my cell phone. So thanks! I will still carry it with me, but just so I can text. Now if what he said...
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    Archived A friend's promotion

    Had to delete my post. Sorry
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    Archived Feed u.s.a.

    Instead of having all that FEED stuff made cheaply overseas, why not make it here in the US. That way, the people won't need charity.
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    Archived Going All Push

    It does seem our trucks are smaller, but backstock is never finished on the day of the truck. We have been all push since April 1. One thing that seems off is our instocks score. I don't do instocks, but I know we are red. I can't attribute all of it to all push and flow, but it seems it tanked...
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    Archived Confused about Starbucks Benefits for Team Members?

    I love that. An updated policy you are unaware of. How convenient for them to not tell someone they want fired about a new policy. And I have to say that even though our store doesn't have a Starbucks, this is all very confusing.
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    Archived Just a random question. How do you know your being coached?

    Um, no one answered my question. I f I see someone violate a target rule or OSHA rule and I point it out, is that a verbal coaching? I have an example. Our ETL-LOG has a terrible habit of leaving wood pallets standing up on end against the wall. I have told him at least 3 times that this is...
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    Archived Just a random question. How do you know your being coached?

    Hmmm ... well then, is it a coaching if I see an ETL or whoever pulling a tub? I'm a normal TM but if someone is doing something not best practice and I point it out, isn't that a coaching? My STL leaving her keys in the baler for the third time. I find them and take them to her. You've been...
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    Archived How do they keep getting away with it? (Leaving early)

    Yeah, that happens to me all the time. For example, I am scheduled 38 hours this week. But no lunches. So, I am actually on the clock only 35.5 hours. I tried tried tried to get this problem fixed. I usually end up staying late at least two days anyway.
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    Archived How do they keep getting away with it? (Leaving early)

    Well Slaphappy, let's assume you work 40 a week and get two 15's a day. If you don't take them, you are working 2.5 hours a week free. Let's also say you make 9 an hour. That is $22.50 before taxes a week. That is $1,170 per year are working for free.
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    Archived Eliminating more positions?

    What does non-essential even mean? Essential for the doors to remain open or for the store to be well run? There is a difference.
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    Archived How many LODs does it take...

    They clot.
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    Archived Sending Fixtures Back

    Hey dek067, I actually MySupported the extra pillow fixtures to see what the disposition was. They said to toss them. We are sending ours back on a recycling pallet on the sweep truck. I think we ended up with 16 extra shelves and pushers each. No help from the receiving person. I do all the...
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    Archived Sending Fixtures Back

    During the last cosmetics/beauty reset, out store got the fragrance testers. We have never had testers before. The problem is that we did not have the black locking shelves for them. And they didn't send them. Now, we have two extra. I ordered the shelves. Our STL left. I was told about 3...