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    Archived Reapplying Struggle

    I recently moved back and expressed interest in to coming back to Target with my old HR. At the time they were currently not hiring and told me to keep in touch if anything opens up. I've been checking the site weekly and my roommate who works Flow tells me they need people bad (even if they...
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    Archived Benefits in 2014

    I recently started back at Target after a 6month break and am currently having to wait again for my benefits to take in effect, which I was aware. But my question is do they roll the benefits "package" out twice a year or is it effective as soon as you reach 6months? I know its a confusing...
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    Archived Benefits

    Silly question but couldnt hurt to ask. I left Target October 2012 and looking to reapply. Even though its been 5 months, will I have to wait another 6-1year to receive my benefits again? I didnt know if there was a time window per say. anyways figured I'd ask.
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    Archived Hire After Holidays?

    So after moving this past October, my transfer wasnt able to go through at the time. (since the store currently didnt have a designated HR and transfer app fell through the cracks) Anyways I went ahead and reapplied after the holidays, but this Target store goes about things quite differently...
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    Archived Cosmetics & Casepacks Questions

    I know each store is each own, but has anyone else experienced a long day stocking Cosmetics? We were 30hrs heavy today in HBA and fellow "breakout-er" and myself had to save Cosmetics till after 8am to make sure we had the boxes done by then. We had 17 carts in HBA, with 6 full carts in...
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    Archived Transferring Questions

    I posted a threat similar to this a long time ago, but I'll be transferring out of state within a month. My HR and Store Manager are gone for the week and havent been able to put a transfer in, but here are my questions: 1. Do I have to put in 2 weeks at my current store or is the transfer...
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    Archived Benefits Website?

    Hey guys I can't remember the website I use to select my benefits plan. I recently got my packet and figured I'd do it online. I'm on vacation out of state atm.
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    Archived What Wave Should New Hires Be Places When Starting Flow?

    So my wave, HBA, recently lost 4 key people. 2 fired, 1 quit, and the other just does Pets by himself before 8am. Anyways all the new hires been working HBA and even though its been close to a month they are god awfully slow. Every other wave is pretty set on their key people, but if HBA isn't...
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    Archived Making Flow RWT

    Lately my Flow TL's job is hanging by a thread. For some reason my flow team of 23 can't make RWT to finish the trucks. Monday on a 1900 piece truck (after back stock) we overspent by 23hrs! Take in to consideration 4 were gone due to call in's/vacations, and another 4 had to help PFresh after...
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    Archived In Stocks Daily Routine

    I will be training In Stocks tomorrow and have read over the useful guide located in the other thread. Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but I figured I'd get more responses here. So, what is the daily In Stocks process from clocking in to finishing a shift. If someone can sum it...
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    Archived Transfering out of state?

    Not only I few weeks ago was I looking to transfer across town, but now I'm looking to transfer out of state in general. Family would like me back in Long Island by August. How long does a transfer usually take since its practically April? This transfer would be from Las Vegas, NV to Long Island, NY
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    Archived Learning Electronics

    Once we get some new team members and I train someone on the HBA and/or Stationary Breakout, I'll be going to Electronics. I've worked sales a few times since they through me in there for Black Friday, but whats the Electronics Breakout like? I see all the expensive stuff stays in the cage at...
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    Archived Can you talk on a LPDA?

    Weird question, but I was walking in to Lowes to pick up some wood and I saw an employee walk away as soon as I was approaching to ask a question. Then I noticed she was talking in to her LPDA like a cell phone. I've never seen anyone do that at Target, so I didn't know if they support that type...
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    Archived Raises based of department cross training

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned. I was browsing some threads earlier and can't remember if or where I had read it. Right now I'm a Flow TM making $9.50, plus the $.50 overnight differential and even though I like the department, I've asked to be cross trained elsewhere (as mentioned in...
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    Archived Why don't Target use HotSchedules?

    We used that site at my first job, but I am not too sure if its commonly used more by restaurants. Anyways why don't Target use this instead of ehR? You could trade and request shifts a lot easier.
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    Archived Cross Training & Transfer

    Well first I'd like to say hello! I'm new to the forums after viewing anonymously:spiteful: My question is about cross training and transfers: I been with the company going on 4 months now and I honestly love it! I am currently a Flow TM and have expressed interest in cross training other...