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    Archived Bye Bye

    Long time reader and rarely post. I've been with target for 6 plus years full time and part and gave my two week notice today. It felt odd since the LOD didn't have me fill out the standard paperwork. All he said was to put in on a piece of paper and stick in HR's mailbox. I knew it was...
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    Archived Pay Grade info

    So i'm applying for the signing position and i'm coming from plano. The job has been available for a couple of weeks now. Should I be expecting a pay raise, i'm at an ultra low volume store and i've been with target for over 5 years but i'm not capped out yet. How does that entire process work?
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    Archived Internship

    Long time team member and i'm applying for a DC internship(I work at a store currently). Anyways I have a phone interview coming up, could anyone tell me what to expect from the phone interview and other steps in the interview process?
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    Archived shift diff

    So i'm at a 6AM store who is being slammed by large trucks at moment(just like a lot of you). A few years back we go downgraded in volume and went from 4 AM to 6 AM, the members on the flow team who worked the 4am truck got a percent of the shift difference into their check now. With that said...
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    Archived My first post, so inturn my first rant.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post but i've been reading this forum for a little while now. I'm a target team member for over two years and I must say I've never seen a worst set of ETL's and I have no idea how they still have a job. When I started at target everyone was obsessed with...