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    Archived Electronics crash course for a CA/Cashier?

    I was talking to one of the Sr TLs during closing and he mentioned that several people under his team are not being retained (seasonal). He likes me a lot and wants me to train on his team so I can get more hours. I am likely going to be working Sunday alone in Electronics. He also offered me...
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    Archived Pushing One Spot?

    Hey all, so I did my first back room/flow type thing and wanted to check if what happened at my store was general procedure for other stores. Me and a team of 2 other cashiers worked a 5 hr shift pushing 1 spot. Things seemed behind schedule when we got there. Started out helping push C/D...
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    Archived Questions related to DCPI amongst other things

    Firstly, hi all. Hope your Christmas was enjoyable and have a happy new year. Now for my questions. Ok, so I sometimes get items at register that have no bar code or tag that I can see. Today (finally) my GSTL trained me that an item can have a DCPI code tucked away somewhere (like on a...
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    Archived The Double (long story)

    Ok, so I did my longest shift ever and wanted to share it with you all. Working cashier 8-430 seemed long enough since this was only my 2nd morning shift and it was back to back when I hadn't had a day off in 10 days (I was called in for 8 hr cashier shifts both days off last week). My shift...
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    Archived Gloves for CAs

    Ok, so in the team member handbook and orientation they mentioned latex free rubber gloves as the gloves for Cart Attendants. All 3 of the other CAs in my store share a pair of thick latex gloves from the store and get another pair requisitioned when one is damaged. I have a latex allergy so...
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    Archived K2 Guest Challenge info and other Cashiering tips requested.

    Ok, so I don't have a ton of cashier experience yet, maybe a total of 20-30 hours tops. Most of my time has been on carts. I wanted to know Target's main policy on using the guest challenge. I still don't know all of the prices, but when it is busy it seems impossible to call a GSTL/ETL in...
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    Archived Faith in Humanity restored (Questions on Gratuity)

    Ok, so I am new here, but I have this great story from yesterday, part of why I signed up finally. I am a CA and I do my job as does everyone else. I came in yesterday at 11:30am to a dead empty cart well (It looked how the well looks on Black Friday). I got to work going out and getting the...
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    Archived Hi all! New CA here (South FL)

    I am a new CA/Cashier from South FL. Just started 2 weeks ago and I think they are planning on keeping me after season. Enjoy the job and hope to stick around!