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    Mask Patrol

    Does your store have a Seasonal TSS for mask checking? How's that going?
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    Benefits Part time or full time benefits?

    My last payslip says that average hours 29.73. Part time benefits are for 20-29 average hours. Full time are for 30+ average hours. I'm not sure where this puts me.
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    I'm Lost! How do Target gift cards work with other team member discounts?

    Using gift cards as a team member has always confused me, so I just don't use them. I have a box with all of the promo cards I've never used and would like to, but want to use them correctly while getting the most value for my money. Since there is a sale on gift cards, I think it's time I...
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    Modernization's effect on those with disabilities and/or work restrictions

    I'm curious as to whether or not modernization has affected those with disabilities and/or work restrictions. What kind of accommodations are possible with the requirement that tm's are responsible for their work end to end?
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    Archived What's your sales goal today?

    What the heck is this? We now have to let our leadership know what our sales goal is for the day. Is this a new Target thing or is this something my store is doing?
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    Archived Retirement plan alert: Is this something to worry about?

    Target Corporation | Levi & Korsinsky LLP focuses on merger & acquisitions, securities fraud, shareholder derivative suits and class actions.
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    Archived SFQ...Supremely Foolish Quest?

    Hours upon hours spent meticulously zoning, measuring, changing counts, backstocking, filling.... The next day the aisle is back to the same overfilled situation. The amount of payroll spent doing the same thing over and over and over again is starting to seriously frost me. How is your store...
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    Archived The arrests begin....
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    Archived Instocks scheduling - who does yours and who approves your time off requests

    My question is for those that are on the IS teams that have a backroom/instocks TL. Technically our team is a salesfloor team, yet the ETL Log is my Tl's ETL. My ETL would be the hardlines TL. For all practical purposes, my communication is with my TL and the ETL Log. When I put in a request...
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    Archived RIP, Mr. Dayton
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    Archived Spot? Spot? Are you there Spot?

    Today I put up almost 40 rainchecks and subs. Yesterday I put up more than 50. The day before was around 40. Just me...I don't know how many others were put up, but I do know there were at least 2 others making them. I can't remember ever being out of so many sale items, so I thought about it...
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    Archived Paygrade Info

    I posted this question a while ago, but there were no responses. Perhaps an HR guru could chime in. Other than the obvious differences in starting pay, are there any other reasons for the various paygrades? Do different paygrades accrue vacation or personal time differently? Does it affect...
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    Archived Check it out! I think I'd like a transfer....
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    Archived Non-MPG flexed pogs

    Any advice on how to effectively (mainly from a time stand-point) research shoes since they are "making it look full". It's a nightmare to research to begin with, the flexing is out of hand within 1 hour of the first "overstock" coming out of the back room and I am now at a total loss on how to...
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    Archived New for us - Is this how it works for you? 4:30am - 6:30am childcare called me to say they could not be here tomorrow. I work at 5 and will not be able to come in until 7 because of this. I call to let the LOD know and am told that unless I am on the logistics team (I am not) I have to follow the 2-hour window rule...
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    Archived Spies Like Us

    Check this out: Guess I'll buy my more private items elsewhere! lol
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    Archived NCF promises

    Soooo....just looking for some opinions on this. If a TM and STL have a verbal agreement with regard to certain aspects of employment should that agreement be honored when new management enters the picture? I don't really want to go into the details, but my fellow tm and I have kept our end of...
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    Archived Need a little help here!

    My page has gone to the default settings and I can't get it to go back. :\ I also lost the headlines on the side of the page. I am a computer failure, so I don't know if I did it or something is going on here. Any help?
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    Archived New Instocks Best Practice

    Question - new BP for instocks came out in December 2011. Anybody have a quick breakdown or any insight into any notable changes?
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    Archived No POG number

    I was pulling in the backroom when I noticed some of the Christmas red boxed gifts in the wacos. I know that they didn't all go d-code, but figured I really ought to get them all out to the floor. I wanted to put in a POG fill, but the POG was broken so I item searched to get the number. The...