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  1. TargetOldTimer

    Archived Branch Messenger App

    I am a hold out on getting a smart phone....yep, still have a flip. I do have an ipad and laptop pc at home. I tried going to the Apple App store to download Branch, but nothing called that pops up. What am I doing wrong?
  2. TargetOldTimer

    Archived Target Store numbers

    I found this on web and thought it may be of interest. A list of all the Targets up til 2009 and the date they opened. Perhaps a more recent list could be compiled. And the map...
  3. TargetOldTimer

    Archived Anyone else set Sandals today?

    Well, we tried to talk the sl etl into allowing us to just tie all the new planograms for sandals and strappy shoes, but nope, "Go Ahead and Set them". We are pushing to the back a full pallet of repacked slippers, & boots. Very little is clearance (8') and we only have 5 back endcaps for...