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  1. Santee

    Archived Petition for Black Friday It's a petition to tell the CEO to open Target at a reasonable time to allow TM's to spend Thanksgiving with their family's. A similar petition was created last year with over 200,000 signatures. This years petition is at around 10,000 signatures with about 4,000 needed. I...
  2. Santee

    Archived Renovations

    My store has been going through some renovations. Apparently we have been chosen among a few select other stores. They sent construction workers to fix it up. It's been a couple weeks now. They've been working during the night, mostly fixing up tsc and the breakroom (new desk, tables, industrial...
  3. Santee

    Archived Benefits

    I recently logged in target pay and benefits website and saw that I am eligible to enroll. But hr has not received my info packet. I want to enroll soon because the dead line is coming up. I was wondering if the packet is really necessary? The website has some info on there already. Also...
  4. Santee

    Archived Double shift

    I work overnight BR and saw an opening for dayside BR. I was wondering if it is possible to work both day and night shifts? Sorry if its been posted, I am on mobile .
  5. Santee

    Archived Terminated

    So apparently I've been terminated. Something went wrong with my paper work. I can't punch in but I'm still working, doing punch corrections. HR tells me that even though I do punch corrections I still might not get paid. I've signed the paperwork. Now I have to wait to get reinstated.
  6. Santee

    Archived Target Commercial.

    just saw the annual target two day sale commercial. Does anyone know where the lady is from??
  7. Santee

    Archived Seasonal Hire

    Hello everyone. I work Logistic's. Started less than a month ago. I went through three interviews on the same day. I didn't take the test on the store computer but now it seems it didn't matter. I'm backroom trained. it's been hard work and very busy but time goes fast. I've been viewing this...