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    Archived are any of your stores haunted?

    One night, after we'd closed, we were turning in our equipment when the overhead night bell for the phone went off. We were by the fitting room, so one of us answered the phone there. It sounded like there was someone on the other end of the line, but they didn't say anything. The TM kept saying...
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    Archived Go Out With A BANG!

    I would plant covert cameras in all the ETL offices, TMSC, and the break room - all the places where the ETLs like to camp out and do absolutely nothing (or get down and dirty - I know one of my ETL's got it on with a TM in the store). I'd compile a video montage of execs loafing around or...
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    Archived Seasonal Termination

    @StateOfTarget: I've read Seasonal Monkey's post twice and I don't see what got your knickers in such a twist. He states clearly that he loved working at Target and enjoyed the other TM's. His misgivings seemed to be centered around the LOD's and their management style, possibly due to their...
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    Archived Sr TL Hardlines struggling

    At my store, we have a dedicated team member for sales plans, and that's all they do. I realize that doesn't help you much. It usually falls to the Plano TL as part of their team's workload. Do you always have to set your own end caps, or is this a special case?
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    Archived Do they track what you buy?

    Spot only tracks your purchases if they suspect you of theft or fraud. Otherwise, AP doesn't give a crap. If you're under suspicion for theft, AP would look at your purchase history to see how you can afford iPads and iPods. If you're not doing anything shady, then don't worry about it.
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    Archived core rules

    The core roles for each position are found on Workbench. See if you can get your HRTM to print them for you, if that person is discreet. A TL or an ETL might clue in to the fact you're updating your résumé, which could be bad. Most core roles overlap in some areas (everyone is expected to...
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    Archived The official I hate my boss thread

    Thank God I'm not the only one who noticed that.
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    Archived Greetings and Salutations!

    Hello, everyone! I've been with Spot for over three years and have browsed this site before, but never joined in. I've had a few good laughs and found small comfort in reading about the ups and downs of other team members. My level of frustration at my current store has reached critical...