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    Archived Rats fleeing a sinking ship

    it took 2 years for them to realize that our STL was a problem even though it was evident in the first 3 months that she had no clue how to run a store (came from HQ marketing i believe to be the STL)
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    Archived D-code: What does it mean?

    We always pushed D-Code at my store in order to make sure as much of it was on the floor as possible
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    Archived Rats fleeing a sinking ship

    this started about a year ago at my (former) store, they have since lost every reliable TM except 2, one of which recently got talked to about his attendance (he called in 3 days in a row because he was so sick he could barely get out of bed). every TM they lost had been there 5+ years we went...
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    Archived NOP Items

    When I was an entertainment specialist, ALL NOP CDs got flexed into their respective browsers to capacity (no more than 3 facings per best practice) except the obvious, New Releases, Lifescapes and holiday ones, my CD stockroom was near empty all the time, I always made sure to scan my CD...
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    Archived GSTL key holder?

    And jewlery a #9 (this was annoying when I had to use BR keys because they had a jewelery (to pull from the located drawers) and electronics key (to open the lockup stockroom) you had to remember which direction the number faced
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    Archived Out of the trenches

    This is why I quit, I used to love my job its just been the last 2ish years that Target started to suck the life out of me mainly with the changes that came through scraping hours to nothing so we couldnt finish (our store used to pride its self on coming clean from every single truck and we...
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    Archived Out of the trenches

    I am officially free, even working just 1 night a week it got to be too much hassle for me, coupled with the dropping of part time insurance (my avg hours were over 20 still from last year) it just didnt make sence for me to keep working for a company that obviously gave up caring about its...
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    Archived Help printing street date list

    I don't remember for sure but I believe it is under sales floor > electronics or entertainment (I forget if entertainment has its own section under sales floor) right on the landing page unless they have moved it since I last had to access it
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    Archived if not spot...then where!?!

    I have heard the best things about Lowes and Costco but have no first hand experience working for either of them
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    Archived Double paycheck?

    Yeah I got a letter the other day stating that the $500 would be deposited today for anybody with direct deposit and a paper check would be here for people without
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    Archived confused on the $500 targets giving back to tms for insurance

    The letter I got said there would be more communication in a couple weeks regarding the $500
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    Archived The voice!

    I have heard her called "Bitchy Betty" before as well
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    Archived Time off request issue

    This is a big problem at our store, if you look at the request in your inbox it shows only the one day even though you selects 2 or more, I always double check it now
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    No more insurance for part time team members!

    yeah and between my wife and I we make too much money to qualify for any of the incentives out there so we will end up paying $230/month each for similar insurance
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    Archived Rate that correlate with the pay grades

    My old store had an ETL LOG with a degree in Agriculture, in the middle of a metropolitan area...
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    Archived Rain checks

    key in 9801+the DPCI of the item or if the guest has the raincheck ticket scan the barcode
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    Archived Quick Minimum Wage Questions

    Unfortunately, thats how Target and most larger corporations do things. I have earned over $5 worth of raises since starting and currently am making a little over $1 more than a new hire for my position.
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    Archived guest request

    if its sales floor making the request I would kindly ask them to come pick it up in the backroom (I will get it ready and on a flat), if it is GS calling I would take it up to them as they can't really leave their post and likely have a guest waiting that is ready to go whereas on the floor...
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    Archived How to turn off spider wrap alarm?

    this, both stores Ive been in were given a set of glasses screw drivers, at the electronics boat, when spider wrap rolled out to disable alarms with
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    Archived Wondering about pay!

    I believe the differential can vary from store to store, as somebody mentioned, some stores no longer offer it. it can be as much as $1 I dont believe any stores are more than that anymore (I know they knocked my store down to that a couple years ago) but can be anywhere from $0-$1 I am...