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    Who recently quit at your store?

    One year when I was capped I told the TL that they paid out more to write a review, have their meetings, enter the data , and to sit and spend both of our time to listen to "what a valuable tm" than what my annual raise amounted to. It was rather satisfying to feel their discomfort.
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    I'm curious about paid vacation

    We used to be able to do that. I was more than disappointed when it changed. Vacation time is "earned", yet are considered "a gratuity or gift" from Target. Most gratuities or gifts I get come without strings attached and aren't taken away or have limitations for use.
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    Least favorite department to push in?

    Totally sorted by aisle at our store. Least favorite? Pets! Date checking is worse than OTC (not worse than market, but they have their own team)
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    Hi everybody, I don’t work at Target.

    It's very frustrating. The thing to remember is that if you're busy at the lanes, it's busy in the store so coworkers may be helping other shoppers (guests at Target) and aren't at a place in the interaction that makes it easy to respond. That being said, it doesn't take 30 seconds to ask the...
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    I am so done...

    Been there, done that. It's NOT the work center with the most bs and I have worked in just about every work center over the course of many years with Spot. Do I respect our CA's? Absolutely! Do they work hard? Absolutely! Do I appreciate them? Absolutely! I thank them every single time...
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    I am so done...

    Ok. Read this and literally laughed out loud. You seriously have no clue. (My best clue? They're guests and if you actually have worked at Spot for more than a minute you'd never even think "customer".)
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    I am so done...

    Not the answer I expected. I actually wanted to know what you do that is different from other CA's that causes you to deal with the most bs at the front end. I always thought that those at guest service did. (No, I don't work at guest service and from my description you can see that I am well...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Pay

    We all had to show our card each time, HR made a copy and payment was on the check following. I'm over 60, but the same was true for those under 20.
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    I am so done...

    I'm curious as to what you do as a CA. Our cart attendants bring in carts and does the occasional carry in/out, empties hangers at the lanes and empties the plastic bag recycle bin If necessary, they may occasionally watch SCO or cashier but not usually. One of our CAs can also do drive up...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Pay

    Nope. I specifically asked this. They are wrong.
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    Visual Merchandiser

    True. I have made more than a number of tl's that I have had. Sorry for the error.
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    Visual Merchandiser

    VM at our store is a TL, but has no team and does the work alone, concentrating on softlines and signing. There's not a "close to TL" pay. You're either a TM or a TL.
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    2021 Team Member Reviews

    The system has always irritated me. I was a teacher and this would be like me having a class that all got 100% on a test and having to tell the class that I'm only going to give out two A's so I'm picking the two that I like best. Your scores don't matter; you get the grade that the principal...
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    Question about street dated items

    A backroom location that guests see and go to?
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    Question about street dated items

    We also do not put street dated items into a location. It is a veeery rare item that ever hits the floor.
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    Mask Patrol

    One of the best states to be in? You mean like to get Covid? More than 5,000 new cases and 87 deaths were reported just today! That's more than 10 times more than my state while Florida's population is around 4 times higher than my state.
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    Mask Patrol

    Does your store have a Seasonal TSS for mask checking? How's that going?
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    Survey as to how many hours you want

    When the ACA (Obamacare) passed, I really think that Target thought that the insurance offers would be better for the under 30 hours than what they could offer. That didn't work out, as we all know. Unfortunately, when that didn't pan out, Target didn't step up to the plate.
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    Easter week Extremely Busy as Hell

    Are you sure it isn't because it's Passover week? 🤣
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    Coachings for G.U.E.S.T.

    What I find interesting is that I have had a few mask schedules both with and without the GUEST promo conversation. A "hello" or "hi" could start a conversation that led to sales. The sales pitch leads to a "thanks" and they move on.... or they just quickly move on.