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    Archived Did anyone else know this?

    I always logged in as LOD. As others have mentioned, we were asked to help out with alerts.
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    Archived STL wants to move me to plano, good or bad?

    Switch to plano. Easy decision. But then, I suppose I might be biased...
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    Archived Target is racist towards hispanics

    Target doesn't have anything like that. It was something prepared by an employee at the location (a DC), not something prepared by corporate. The article linked here doesn't mention it, but every other article I've seen about it does. See, e.g., Gawker or Huffington Post.
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    Archived Question about Pay when leaving

    If you were supposed to get a check on the 17th, it would have covered April 28th to May 11th. That's the period your check should have covered; I can think of no good reason why it only covered the 6th through the 11th--quitting on the 15th would not affect the check for the previous pay...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    Even that, though, has no such requirement. I've taken a week off with a paid holiday in the middle, and I got my Holiday pay for it just like normal. There is no "you have to work before and after it to get your pay" condition on the paid holidays benefit. (Well, it's possible they've added it...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    No. You have to work the day of. That's all.
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    Archived Presentation Advice needed!

    The only drawback to this is that there are lots of fixtures that don't have a sticker in the set, or the description/drawing are terrible, or there's only one sticker for an item that you intend to have two or three bins of, etc. I found that it was better to take actual pictures of the items...
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    Archived Best Team Survey

    The bathroom at my store's pharmacy had shoddy plumbing and the drains were constantly backed up. You'd better believe the pharmacy team there cared about whether maintenance needs were being met! ;)
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    Archived Outstanding review?

    Just as an info point--the system actually used to be like this. It changed shortly after I started, so, say eight or nine years ago? This change definitely happened before they shifted to the all-reviews-at-once system (everyone used to get their review on their anniversary, which meant leaders...
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    Archived Team Members on Facebook

    I have about a dozen requests from former coworkers still in limbo, and I've been gone almost a year now. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Archived Pay

    If you work more than 50% of your hours there, you're entitled to the higher paygrade (for all of your hours), but it isn't automatic. You have to make sure HR keys in the new pay grade for you.
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    Archived Can a store have no "O's?"

    Well, for everyone you give an EX who could possibly have been an O, that means you can bump someone else from an E to an EX... Say you have a team of 40 people. 10 are getting an IE because they suck. Say your merit budget is such that for the other 30 people, you could afford to give 10 O...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    Yeah, no, I'm totally with you on the system being stupid. But there are also problems with your analogy--an E review is nothing like a C. You can't just look at the fact that there are five scores and do a 1:1 analogy to the ABCDF scale. If you actually read the descriptions, I'd argue that...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    I believe that such a person (1) has lower expectations for attendance than I had; or (2) is recognizing/rewarding the sort of behaviors mentioned above (taking extra shifts, being flexible, etc.), which I think can/should be recognized in a different category; or (by FAR the most likely) (3)...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    There are other categories where I would choose to recognize people for the things you're identifying (staying late, coming in when called, changing schedule, etc). It's been over a year since I last wrote a review so I can't recall the specifics, but I'm thinking of the categories dealing with...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    As I said, there are no circumstances in which anyone deserves more than an E for attendance. Look at the definitions/descriptions for EX and O, and it clearly doesn't make any sense to suggest that someone has earned either of those in the attendance category. Perfect attendance is the baseline...
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    Archived What is a baffle and how did I end up on the report?

    If you've never pulled or backstocked, you didn't cause it. That's all you need to tell him. The most likely cause here is that you turned in your PDA at the end of a shift without logging out, and a BRTM then signed it out, went to the backroom, and started working without even noticing that...
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    Archived How to get an "O?"

    I disagree completely. 100%. If someone meets all four of those criteria, their score in the attendance category should be an E. I never, ever, ever gave higher than an E for attendance. Perfect attendance (defined quite well by your criteria!) is NOT going above and beyond expectations--it...
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    Archived sexual harassment

    I had a SH issue pop up when I was running a remodel. Once it was finally reported, HR investigated the next day, and the TM was termed the day after that. If there's a legitimate harassment issue, there's really no reason for it to result in anything other than a termination. If we could make...
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    Archived Outstanding review?

    It's not exactly like that. They get to give out a specific total amount of money in raises, not a specific number of each score. They can basically divvy up the money however they want, pending DTL/HRBP approval; it's up to the store to decide whether they give twelve Os and everyone else gets...