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    Meal violations? Am I non-rehireable?

    I got meal compliance once, it was while receiving my yearly review last year. My TL pulled me aside to give me my review on my way out, wound up taking too long and I clocked out three minutes late. Was just asked to sign a sheet that said I acknowledged the incident by HR a week or so later.
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    Training to be a trainer

    I used to officially be listed as a team trainer, I'm not now (I quit and was rehired, I wasn't removed as a trainer while employed), but the three people who are mostly seem to have been arbitrarily chosen.
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    Resigning after Two Weeks of Work at Target

    I was curious so I counted, and my store has 27 TM's scheduled 40 or more hours this week. That is across all departments. 9 of them are front end, 2 are TSS, 1 is receiving, the other 15 are fulfillment mostly, but a few are sales floor.
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    Resigning after Two Weeks of Work at Target

    Not unusual, my store seems fairly resistant to cross-train most people a lot of the time.
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    How much do you pay for health Insurance?

    $26.22 for Medical, $2.34 for Vision, $9.54 for Dental, plus $31.25 for the HSA account, so $69.35 in total
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    Resigning after Two Weeks of Work at Target

    This isn't fully correct. The gist is right, no one except TL's are "full time" in the sense that they're contractually guaranteed 40 hours, but some TM's get full time hours. That said, 'some', does not mean most, or even anything close to most. I average 41 hours a week, they schedule me 40...
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    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    Both our SETL's have keys, one of them never closes though. The other closes frequently on weekends. Neither Style TL, and at least 2 GM TL's have ever closed though, only 1 GM, Consumables, and 1 of the SETL's is on the closing rotation, aside from all except one of the ETL's.
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    Out to get me

    They only have to schedule you one shift every month and a half to keep you employed to the best of my knowledge. That's the minimum amount for the ODTM's. We have a Guest Advocate that only works on Sundays, we also have a school teacher that usually works 4 or 8 hours a week, neither has ever...
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    Coachings for G.U.E.S.T.

    I work while at work. If I stopped to greet every guest I saw I'd do nothing but. If a guest asks me for help, I'll help them, otherwise I'm going to leave them alone to do their thing.
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    Scared to speak up to SFS TL

    Target pays the top performers more than the rest, just not in the way they'd like to be paid more. They get more hours, not more per hour.
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    Target not enforcing

    Our SD wrote up our APL when she threw a guest out of the store for not wearing a mask.
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    SCO calling for backup

    We only have one set of keys that aren't directly those of a TL. Each SETL has their own set they take home, then there's one other set for TM use. But "For TM Use" basically means, for one of like, 5, specific TM's. I am sure it's very much a thing that varies store to store though.
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    SCO calling for backup

    If I gave the keys to a newbie at SCO, I'd get written up for it. We have a small handful of TM's that are allowed to get change, and even fewer that know anything about SCO that requires keys.
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    Yeah, I'm a little salty

    I don't believe this for an instant. Show me any law that says you have to be paid according to your responsibilities. So long as you're being paid over minimum wage, what your responsibilities are have basically no bearing on any pay requirement. Being scheduled under SETL though is something...
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    Holiday Pay

    But I got 8 hours and 2 minutes of pay on Thanksgiving. Hence the confusion about where that came from. It shows as 6.5 hours earlier in the week, but changed as the week went on. I worked 49 hours and 43 minutes, Kronos says I worked 57 hours and 45 minutes.
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    Holiday Pay

    31.05 as of last paystub
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    If the guest complains maybe. Which is super, super, unlikely.
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    Our time is pretty bad, but don't think quite this bad. It's rarely under 2 minutes though unless we have our best TM's doing it all day.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    no it wasn't. It was shift premium, +$1 per hour. If you were told it was time and a half, you were lied to.
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    A few probably silly questions- Regarding water/break times

    Our whole front end keeps drinks behind guest service usually and steps off-stage when they want a drink.