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    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    I feel like if they were not fully respected before, then they will not be after. Transferring definitely makes it easier. I have had a tl turn etl and was one of my best etls. Ive been the tm to tl and i feel like im respected quite well. It depends on how you handled your relationships...
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    SFS Label Printer Troubleshoot

    Ive only had that issue once and unplugging it completely for about 10 minutes and plugging it back in worked for me. If you've called 3 times im surprised they havent just sent a new printer.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Was glad i was in a ups only store but lately they have dropped the ball so hard that i hope they rethink it
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    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    Oh ok i see what your saying.
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    SFS productivity

    When i was sfs tl i went over my numbers weekly with my team. The tl now reviews numbers everyday upon checking out. Imo, i would at least do it weekly and look for improvements each week. Doing it daily is a good way to show them that you are serious about meeting expectations. I also...
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    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    What is wrong with pulling a tm off the floor?
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    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    Normally the plano tl would be in charge of hardlines which would be toys ect. My store was allocated an extra tl but when sfs got its own tl they went there and we didnt get another one. Your store may have more positions im unsure as my store is a 50 mill store
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    SFS productivity

    Weve worked real hard for data integrity. Our tms and leadership are really good with helping find items. I wouldnt expect to keep our high numbers without staying ahead and clean everyday. Infs are probably averaging around 2% opu and 5% sfs maybe slightly higher. Honestly pushing our tms to...
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    SFS productivity

    My store averages 50 uph for sfs. Im consistantly hitting 80/90. Opu is about the same at 50 and probably 70ish for grocery.
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    SFS productivity

    50 is what we do and shooting for 60. We set a unit goal for everyone at 50 an hour. So if they have a 5 hour shift there goal is 250 units. Basically have to pick at over 50 to get it to account for breaks and anything else. 40 units per hour is our acceptable number so 200 units for a 5...
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    New SFS TL

    I agree with zombiegurl. However i will say i felt pressured to help other areas more of I am barely over a year as a tl and have done every gm role and F+B. I will say its been frustrating as its been hard to truly develop a team but i can say ive made an impact on every team ive lead...
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    New Fulfillment Team Lead need some advice

    Low infs depend on how well your store does with data accuracy. If your trucks are completed then its going to be much easier. Audits are your best friend. Make sure everyone is calling for infs. If an area is particularly bad have them call the tl for that area. Proper scheduling is also...
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    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    The gm tls that do the truck unload are not on the closing rotation for obvious reasons. Everyone besides the 2 gm tls are part of the closing rotation, even the starbucks tl, at my store. Imo every tl should be on closing rotation besides inbound.
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Another good one gone, cant say i blame you good luck
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    Fulfillment Remodel

    Its exactly what it sounds like more areas for hold spaces and some coolers/ freezers to hold more grocery pick up. Im not sure what type of information you are looking for.
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    Market is forgotten?

    Market should get plenty of hours on its own to complete its workload. Also it doesnt get rolled into gm so that the market team just focuses on market. Its definitely not easier and actually has its own set of standards. They want F+B tms to learn there areas because it takes a lot of work...
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    Turn over.

    We had some problems a couple months ago but much better now. Lost 2 tls to promotions, 2 etls to promotions, and our sd to a promotion. 2 tls left, one moved states. Basically 50% of the leadership team. 1 of 2 stores in our district with all green metrics though. Tm retention is...
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    Ethics - Performancing somebody out

    The fact that you would of agreed before being a tl means that you understood that they are making it so other team members needed to step up so that they could continue being mediocre. Acceptable performance for a bit then back to mediocrity isnt acceptable. I get it people need their jobs...
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    Moving Up?!

    Spot definitely likes to keep tms that do a good job down because it makes their life easier. Should definitely talk with you sd and etl about a plan for you to move up. Be realistic with the goal as there has to be a position open for you, but you should not have to wait around for years...
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    Moving Up?!

    Be respectful, but also you need to be on them consistantly. Ask for what you can improve upon that would make you a better leader. Ask them to help you set goals that you can help them meet, or that you can own. I know a lot of people say don't do TL work without TL pay but if your serious...