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    Life & work is a blend. I did an interview for ICQA and ended up scoring a backup role. Honestly it's for the best because I would be bored as hell doing freaking dock audits and hold reports all day. People who do the interviews have people in mind already and you can claim aggrieved status...
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    Try filling out a schedule exception to exempt your OT days from falling on your days with classes. It's good for 30 days. And make sure you have notifications turned on for MyTime so you don't miss any "fun" surprises.
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    Training to be a trainer

    I'm an anomaly because I am a trainer but I would rather be busting ass. Training to me is a necessary evil in that everyone needs to start somewhere and given a proper foundation they can thrive if they so choose. The choice between being busy myself & making the day go faster versus talking...
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    Whats your reponse?

    Just another earthquake? Didn'tcha feel it too, Bossman, Bosslady, Bossperson, Bosspeoples? I may be in the minority here and although I do prefer having a single reach-truck-like sideshift all in one joystick on the new RCs, the fact that the new RC operator's area is more open means just a...
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    8th Tier

    I tell new hires to try and focus on the work they are doing right in front of them vs going up high and then just standing at the edge and looking down to frighten themselves out of making money. Even bridges sway but you'll never cross that bridge if you focus on the sway vs the task right...
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    My Time App

    Well that explains ALOT.
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    Can upper mangement take you out of a deptment with out your say so

    Happiness is a gift you give to yourself by being the best you that you can be regardless of what anyone else says or does in this or any other lifetime because this lifetime is YOURS. If you go forth and blame someone or something else because you're not happy then you are grossly...
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    My Time App

    Maybe they'll open this mutha back up to 8 days a week & 72 hours!?! Let's bust an a@$ !!!
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    How safe is my job?

    Reliability vs productivity is equivalent to the tortoise vs hare. No matter how fast someone is, if they don't show up, it doesn't mean squat and overall their average prod accounting for all the ZERO days they called out will be equal to that of a reliable team member.
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    You should run for President!
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    Yas! Please sir, I want some S'MOARS!
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    One time, at band camp, I saw someone smoke a flute. And where there is smoke, there could possibly be a dumpster fire. One time, in the gutter, I saw my own mind there along with the minds of all the other people in the gutter. Seriously though, If I'm in the Outbound wing, and my water...
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    Update: Outbound (Women, please read)

    I think our Outbound has started to hire more ladies because the guys were having such terrible turnover so corporate is switching gears and going the other way now.
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    Can upper mangement take you out of a deptment with out your say so

    They can do this at Distribution Centers too. Even though you are in a set department, they can flex you into another department every day if they want under the sweet sweet all encompassing guise of "BUILDING NEEDS". Put a positive spin on it by telling your leaders what you love about being...
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    Jury duty

    My wife got picked one time but not the second time. I say, sequester my wife, please! I joke! I kid!
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    Difficult "newbe"

    Yeah, who's all here like, "Well why don't you wait until I'm in the middle of Walmart and call me maybe!" I forget stuff if I don't write it down sometimes so I know these people are treating the store like a walk through their home. GET OUT! Heh.
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    Jury duty

    You still have to waste a day showing up for the selection process. When I was summoned one time, my job reimbursed me 4 bucks (for gas) for the day and the court gave me 7 bucks for the day so it's definitely not a get rick quick scheme. It's a, this is part of life so embrace the suck...
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    The Breakroom Memes

    Hey I remember Borders! I used to get my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube where all they played in the waiting room was Michael W. Smith and my wife & I used to go to a Chinese Buffet where they always played Jewel. I remember these ridiculous things while forgetting what I was looking for two...
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    Hey you and I must work in the same place! 70k drops & 80k rollovers! One batch two batch three batch four, but we're ever gonna auto-combine no more! Fun times! Pretty soon our building will require masks AND orange vests to enter because everyone will be new hires! Living the dream in the...
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    When they tell us how many we hired and how many of those got termed and what our retention rate is compared to last year, it just makes me laugh on the inside. Between covid and HQ taking the hiring process from us, I really feel that metric is HQ's metric now and not ours anymore. Don't give...