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  1. Pettjm54

    Archived Pets Reinvention

    Team, I am a scope b project store... Getting the focal installed Wednesday according to a message board. The message board indicates the ENTIRE gondola, BOTH SIDES. Need to be demerched. I hope this isn't true as one side is fancy feast and the other is Litter. As for the contractor, is...
  2. Pettjm54

    Archived Hardlines TL going for SrTL

    One thing I have been doing is wowing ETLs and STL with general knowledge. I know a lot of random things about other work centers that others wouldn't bother to know. I throw in some leadership expectations here and there strategizing.. Communicates effectively has been a challenge for me and I...
  3. Pettjm54

    Archived Pfresh Transition

    I know this was last week but was any other store apart of the Grab N Go salad test? I remember they had this when Pfresh started being rolled out but was discontinued due to sales vs b markdowns (previously it was vendor supplied its now from FDC which makes it better logistically) we lost 4...
  4. Pettjm54

    Archived Target Mobile

    Any news as to the new process/company? New layout/Pog? Signing? Anything? i know 4/7 is the last day which i beleive correlates with the electronics transition.
  5. Pettjm54

    Archived Electronics Boat

    Team, My store has the old electronics boat. Camera posts and drawers underneath etc. it is in a horrible state of disrepair. I spoke with my new STL and he informed me that we don't have the new boat just based on prototype. I want to come up with a way to argue to my DTL to appr
  6. Pettjm54

    Archived Video game kiosk

    So.. My kiosk is down and it just a windows xp screensaver. Touching the screen brings up a full desktop.. How do I get back to the video game menus etc??
  7. Pettjm54

    Archived SrTL sales floor

    I am currently a hard lines TL (a, b, and c side). I am striving to get a SrTL spot that they decided not to give another TL. my ETL told me he wants me in this position. What's the best advice you guys can give me in order to show the other etls and my STL that I have what it takes?
  8. Pettjm54

    Archived DTK Remodel

    Anyone else read the News To Use??? DTK is being overhauled (visually) it will be named MyPerformance. All graphical interface, graphs to easily identify trends over a time period. I can't wait. Keep an eye out for it!!!
  9. Pettjm54

    Archived Tipp numbers needed

    I need tipp numbers for headers for 3ft and 4ft endcap headers as well as the side parts that hold the category strip signs
  10. Pettjm54

    Archived Cosmetics research

    So my DTL says research cosmetics even if it isn't fully backstocked. My APBP says not to. Whose correct?
  11. Pettjm54

    Archived Death of FFF (mostly the fun part)

    So my store had a visit from our new RVP. He mentioned our offstage brand was horrible. By horrible this was "un brand signs hanging in the TL office" These unbrand signs were ISMs. Like the bullseye bodega.. Up and up arrows.. Bullseyes... Archer farms... This kept the office lively...
  12. Pettjm54

    Archived Nop merch

    In my store, ticketing clearance merchandise is a huge opportunity. We got a new etl log and he runs reports daily and purges the stock room of all d coded and nop merchandise and forces us to merchandise this product on the sales floor. Mind you it is not clearance yet... Assuming it will be...
  13. Pettjm54

    Archived cosmetics

    Team, as some of you might know me i used to be a backroom CTL and was moved onto the sales floor in a,b,c side (HBA/Pets/Chem/Cosmetics, Stationary, Small Apps, Housewares, Home Storage blah blah blah) Cosmetics is a huge op in my store, we have a dedicated TM (sponsor) but she is all the...
  14. Pettjm54

    Archived Right Size remodel

    So my store has received numerous pallets of fixtures that say for right sizing remodel... what do this mean?
  15. Pettjm54

    Archived Label strip tool

    Does anyone know how I can get the red label strip tool?? Tipp number?
  16. Pettjm54

    Archived Pfresh planograms

    So I set the meat transition.. Question: When do you set a planogram standard or reverse. I have mine set standard if you are facing the back of the store and reverse if you face the front. The backwall is all standard. Pfresh is to the right when you walk in the store
  17. Pettjm54

    Archived Adios Pfresh!

    My ETL HL and ETL LOG today asked me if I am willing to be the A,B,C side TL for 4th quarter... NO MORE 4ams for me!!! adios pfresh! hopefully i do good andthey offer me the SrTL-HL spot..
  18. Pettjm54

    Archived This is a joke right?

    My STL said to me that Target is rolling out "smart phones and i-pads for use on the sales floor.." Hes kidding right? Cause that is just TOO awesome for my head to handle..
  19. Pettjm54

    Archived STL back from Minneapolis

    Did anyone elses STL go to HQ in Minneapolis? Mine came back and is legit kicking a** and taking names... a huge spark was lit under him or something while he was gone.. this happening to anyone else?
  20. Pettjm54

    Archived CAF monitors

    Team, I am having problems with team members burning batches in the late afternoon when i am not present. I was told by my DTL that i can get the caf monitors from up to a week ago.. does anyone know how to do that? (name, est time, actual time.) is it under RWT next to the regular CAF monitor?