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  1. seasonaldude

    TeamVoice Survey

    People they think might be positive are being quietly reminded to take it. Nothing is being said by leadership to other TMs.
  2. seasonaldude

    SFS Label Printer Troubleshoot

    Sorry, my store doesn't have SFS so I have no idea.
  3. seasonaldude

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Same. We've actually been there for the last couple of weeks. Naturally, we've been well over forecast every day too. It's great.
  4. seasonaldude

    The Drive Up Thread

    Sounds good in theory, but it would drive fulfillment crazy. We HATE being asked if we have so and so's order and when it will be ready. "Dunno?!? When it is?" Even if we could give a time estimate, we have no way to garuntee it. We might end up having to go dig through a bunch of repacks in...
  5. seasonaldude

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Exactly. Deal Days and Fun Runs have always been a big bust. People are too busy shopping on Amazon and we're usually way under normal volume. Unfortunately, what we do get is often a pain in the ass to pick. But, it's good for hours, I guess.
  6. seasonaldude

    Will I be termed for this?

    HR can enter the details in the computer and have the TM sign the form. It happens at my store sometimes if the timeclock goes offline for awhile or the opening TL is late to arrive. Rather than having a bunch of TMs needing to use the limited computers it's quicker for HR to just do it...
  7. seasonaldude

    Would you quit your job if you won the local jackpot?

    I might stay for a bit just to say to every ridiculous leadership request, NO! Being coached as a millionaire would be fun.
  8. seasonaldude

    8am Style shift??

    Hide in TSC until someone calls you on the walkie.
  9. seasonaldude

    New POS

    Good thing the DC never slaps the pick labels over the package barcode....
  10. seasonaldude

    SFS productivity

    I'm going to out myself now. I don't care if anyone at Target gets mad and wants to come after me. I don't need Target. Consider this my Jerry McGuire moment. If you have access and know where to look, you can find a list of every single TM in the company who picked even 1 OPU last fiscal year...
  11. seasonaldude

    New Fulfillment Team Lead need some advice

    Remember this above all else: Your team is comprised of human beings. If their metrics are green, don't keep pressuring them to have better and better productivity. They have limits. Failure to remember this will result in call outs and eventually even your best TMs quitting.
  12. seasonaldude

    The Drive Up Thread

    Those honks have a way of going off when you do momentarily bring the device up to your head. Scan something into hold and natural motion brings the device up....HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. seasonaldude


    I just want to be treated like everyone else. I make no excuses for the Trumpers or Neo-Nazis. They are not my people. Fuck them. I love that finally in this country we're including more people. I am a SWM, but I'm also not. If I let my hair grow out and spent a lot more time in the sun, then...
  14. seasonaldude


    I'm in a moderately liberal town in a red state. Overall, it's a conservative area. Most TMs and leadership at my store identify as liberal though.
  15. seasonaldude


    I'd like to preface this comment by stating that as with all things race and gender in the US, it's complicated. But, yes, I do think that at my store there is some discrimination against straight white males. I'll get back to that though. There is much more discrimination against minorities...
  16. seasonaldude

    Turn over.

    Store Lost 2 TLs recently. Rumors of one more departing soon. Retention rate seems normal for this time of year, except in style. That team is quitting in droves. Fulfillment, GM, and GAs are getting random style shifts now. Green in most metrics. NPS is shit though.
  17. seasonaldude

    myStore - For the myDeviceless TM

    Much better search capabilities and bar code generation for all standard Target needs.
  18. seasonaldude

    Most expensive (non-electronic) item that guests buy like crazy

    Oh yes they do. Guests order those and all of the alternative milks well sell for OPUs more than they order just plain old milk.
  19. seasonaldude

    Traditional Remodel

    Love the reverse gravity generator. Very high tech and modern.