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    What happens after second interview?

    By the sounds of it, they haven’t even signed a job offer form yet, so the orientation thing wouldn’t make sense. But i agree on calling after the 48 hours
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    Unrealistic Expectations

    That’s because that’s mostly not true. Your store should be defining high theft areas and marking them with bullseye stickers to determine what needs to be spider wrapped and what doesn’t. For example, toothbrushes are only spider wrapped at $149.99+ at our store, vacuum cleaners about the same...
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    I believe that's ultra high volume, where only about 20-30 stores make that much, and they get a whole special op model just for them because they are so busy. high volume is probably like 55-60+
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    Spill the beans!

    Thanks for all the info! Is there anything in terms of AP, and perhaps what's happening with APS being downgraded in paygrade, or if something is inherently changing in terms of pay/responsibilities there? Thanks again!
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    The most crucial and least important roles in the store?

    You’ll probably like the upcoming changes then, since they’re getting rid of GSA
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    New Rollout April 1

    I would love to see leads actually here during busy times, especially since a lot of them never see their closing TMs and basically leave close to fend for themselves. One thing I'm not understanding is the PG35 for TPS and APS, I thought APS was always PG40? Does that mean APS is getting a...
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    Should I report this?

    Yeah that sounds like hardcore fraud going on there, which is why we limit those purchases. Never trust somebody buying giftcards like that, almost always something shifty going on
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    Spill the beans!

    We have two VMLs, one for softlines, one for hardlines, it's great
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    How busy is your OPU?

    My store is in a richer area and it’s not uncommon to get high double digits in orders - most i’ve has to pick back when i was doing OPUs was a 119 unique dpci batch, total order value like $1k or something. My question is, do you guys who have busy OPUs have the same morning people pick SFS...
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    Switching position after first day of training?

    Good point, probably just a moment of realization a bit too late by OP after they realized it might not be what they wanted
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    Switching position after first day of training?

    Probably because they don’t want to work 10pm to 2:30am? That seems like a good reason to me
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    I don’t know what to do!

    I know people told you the answer already, but please please please go to HR. This is one of the most important parts of their job. They will partner with your AP (complete confidentiality of course) and make sure you feel safe. Don’t feel as if they’ll favor the other person or you aren’t as...
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    Unrealistic Expectations

    Unless your store is teeming with TPSes with nothing to do, we’re way too busy to go around spider wrapping stuff for you. Merch protection is TPS’s duty, but that means communicating a positive AP culture of having your team members wrap stuff while they’re stocking. I understand if it’s far...
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    How to handle LISA at SCO

    It's a good idea to take the nice route and pretend like you are just being nice by checking inside or something, but if they don't want that help, make sure that you iterate with it's part of your job to look inside all bags, and you are just doing your job. Nobody will complain about that...
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    Calling in because of weather...

    This for sure - even if you didn't request off or don't normally work saturdays, if you didn't have a shift saturday, you are completely able to do whatever you want that Saturday. It's not gonna be your fault if the weather makes it hard to come back, because the same thing would've happened...
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    Hardlines closers

    Flow has to zone first their area before they begin pushing, so those are really the only places that get zoned in the morning. Our night people basically do a few pulls, then zone and do reshop afterwards for most of the night. We still have 2-3 closers in hardlines.
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    Guest Services Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    Yeah all of our 4 AM flow TMs buy from either the SCO that was opened at 6am by the cash office person (or 7am), or our flow TL or HR TM checks them out on a regular register. It's better than hoping they keep the barcode and buy it after store open, or starving them until we open.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    The R300 VP visited our store and said that he wanted use to permanently have a mid every day in electronics (we only ever had an opener and a closer) so we'd always have somebody "actively" at the boat (we're modernized so electronics does everything electronics related, from signing to truck)...
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    Watching Self Checkout

    One thing to note for is watch out for ticket switching - if somebody has a good amount of expensive merchandise, just keep an eye that appropriate prices are coming up for them, and they're actually scanning the item and not something on their hand, or something else. Call AP if you notice...
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    Beauty shift experiences at SuperTarget vs regular Target

    At my super, Beauty doesn't do anything but Beauty. They're there for guest service, and as our AP puts it, loss prevention. The opener will organize the cosmetics repacks from the truck, bring them out to be stocked throughout the day, and help out guests inbetween. They usually have stuff to...