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    To That One Guest - II

    Thank god we got rid of photo lab due to the remodel
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    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: It doesn’t matter if I’m an employee, you can’t cut me on line. And when I called you out on it, you said “but I’m a customer”, all entitled and everything. Guess what, I was on break, so I was a customer too. And I heard you complain to another cashier about the situation, you little weasel.
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    Co-worker comes to work reeking of alcohol. Would you go to management?

    If he just smells but isn’t drunk, it’s just bad hygiene. Let it go...
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    To that one Team Member - II

    To that one remodel executive team leader (I don’t even know what your official title is): You texted the closing Hardlines team leader that me and my team only had to demerch towels up to 12 holes. But when the construction team came in, we found out we had to do a FULL demerch of towels, plus...
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    March 14 2019 flash sale

    $699 for a 512gb iPad Pro isn’t a bad deal...
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    Logistics The Flow thread: Crappy Easter Edition 🐣🥚💐

    That Target Canada article is fascinating. I just can’t get over the fact that they didn’t know what “in-DC date” meant.
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    I don’t know what to do!

    Luckily you have text documentation. As everyone said, bring it to HR.
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    Guest Service

    At my store, we have brand ambassadors asking every guest if they need help finding something. We’re in the middle of a remodel and everything’s harder to find.
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    Which Market Pantry foods are actually good?

    I prefer the Simply Balanced brand, you get an extra 20% off with your discount.
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    Does your store play music throughout the store now?

    Not yet. But we’re in the process of a remodel and I assume we’re getting it soon.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    We’re missing sales, but I’m thinking it has to do with our remodel. People don’t want to shop here while there’s construction going on. Also late February and early March are so slow.
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    Another failed collaboration

    Their stuff isn’t cheap, but I don’t think it’s expensive enough for people to go to Target instead. If people want Vineyard Vines, they’ll get the real thing. Now Lilly Pulitzer is a different story, their stuff is exorbitantly expensive.
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    Unrealistic Expectations

    If it were any other department, I’d say 1hr 15min is reasonable. But those HBA repacks have very small items sometimes, and can take a long time.
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    Anyone here play video games

    Tetris 99 on the Switch is my latest addiction.
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    In the news....

    Mine does, but no wine or liquor as per county law.
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    Mobile APP?

    You can do this on iOS as well. So yeah, an app isn’t necessary.
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    Playing Music In Target?

    Play Starbucks’ Spotify playlist. That would be 1000x better
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    To that one Team Member - II

    Welcome to modernization. We started doing the same a few weeks ago, and we also have to print shelf labels for missing labels while we’re zoning and doing reshop.
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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM: Please don’t climb on the backroom shelves! I kept saying we should clear some space to get a ladder through, but you were worried about that taking too long. Speed doesn’t matter when you fall and get hurt!
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    Push experts please respond.

    Well yeah that’s probably the case, but it still doesn’t explain flow overpushing things in front of labels where they don’t belong...