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  1. tdude2020

    More Team Leader positions?!

    Does anybody know if they are adding beauty team leaders and flow team leaders to the org chart?
  2. tdude2020

    If you could restructure the target process...

    How would you do it? I thought this would be a fun thread to take part in with a lot of the recent changes happening at the store level. I think a thread like this was started ten years ago, but if you could alter anything about how target operates its business, specifically at the store level...
  3. tdude2020

    Reflecting on leadership in the past..

    For those that have been around for a while, what leadership titles have existed in the past, and do you feel target would benefit by bringing them back? I was speaking to a veteran TM the other day, and he was talking about working at Target years ago and how common it was to see dozens of...