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    Upcoming Operational changes

    I hated the gray dots, I hate the dual location stickers, I hate the ad signs, I love-hate adhesive dividers. JUST STOP ALL THE STICKY THINGS. And don't even get me started on the "this product not intended for the storage of babies" stickers on Sterilite bins.
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    Upcoming Operational changes

    Why do they continue to insist POG is a guest-friendly workcenter?
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    what is r/m

    You're filling in for the Regional Manager. Good luck.
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    Upcoming Operational changes

    Don't get my battered hopes up.
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    Target does ear piercing now?

    You mean like when certain ETLs call out on the walkie?
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    Fourth of July “Lunch”

    We've had a cookout every Fourth of July I've ever worked, even on overnights...but this year, nothing. Not even cookies or cupcakes. It was odd.
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    Truck first

    Wouldn't it be something if the news media picked this up. Not sayin', just sayin'.
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    verifying infs

    If I can't find it, we don't got it.
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    Tell us something stupid your ETL has said

    That narrows it down to, what, 30% of the guests in the building?
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    When are emergency contacts called?

    No excuse! If you're going into a coma, the very first thing you should do is call the store and notify the LOD so they can get your OPU shifts covered.
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    When are emergency contacts called?

    Don't worry: if you job-abandon, nobody's going to call your parents.
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    Transferring and the 18 month rule

    " maybe just get past the remodel insanity at my store?" Not that it matters much, but, as a TM, if I found out my new TL had transferred to my store to "get past" a challenging period everyone in retail has to deal with because it's just part of our jobs, it would take a very, very long...
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    To That One Guest - II

    I'd be most impressed if the dump in question was a one-turder.
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    Truck first

    Micromanagement makes me work gooder.
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    Did I hit compliance?

    I'd imagine if the cameras saw you attempting to punch out on the backroom timeclock at 10:29, you'd have a case for a punch correction. It's not your fault the timeclock wasn't working.
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Anyone else been unable to view adjacencies via workbench on the MyDevice for the better chunk of this year?
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    "In the region where I live, everything is ok." Now I kind of want to try copy-and-pasting this line into random threads on random forums.
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    Nobody: Colint: *registers on the forum, browses threads ~35 pages back, finds one titled "Meat," necroposts to that one as his first post.* I think I like this guy.
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    Target warehouse orientation and dress code

    We get so many threads here from nervous new hires wanting to know how to prepare for orientation and/or their first day. Relax! If you've been scheduled for an orientation, that means you've already done all the preliminary work you need to do. There is no extra credit you can do to make...
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    How do you make overhead announcements via your zebra?

    *Makes note to go to Sunnydays's store and cause mayhem*