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    My Referrals

    Thought every DC pay the same nevermind. $18.55 to $27
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    My Referrals

    I know
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    My Referrals

    Did you get shift differential pay increase this month?
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    My Referrals

    Extra $2 all shifts august 1st just announced today.
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    TM Bonus????

    Children tax credit went out today sort probably just tvs next week.
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    Still on mandatory OT with 40k plans

    There 8 other distribution centers in my area begging for workers.
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    TM Bonus????

    Might get a temporary pay increase in October otherwise 60 hours every week.
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    Calling off policy

    Store 2 hours because they don't use voicemail.
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    Store rollout for MyTime website?

    Came out last September for all DCS
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    Will Target lift the mask requirement?

    Starbucks no mask i found a loophole.
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    New to Target and what to expect.

    pretty much everyone in outbound been here less than 1 year.
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    Store rollout for MyTime website?

    call my time for target on app store but DC only
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    Small format super easy since Christmas over.
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    Dear D.c

    Good year almost made $40,000 take home pay.
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    Almost a foot of snow next week with 30 people on coronavirus leave no hope.
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    My Time App

    Back to voluntary overtime 10 months later.
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    Update: Outbound (Women, please read)

    Mandatory overtime every week now starts at $19 pay raise every 6 months.
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    do presidential elections really affect stock market/401k?

    Invest in Tesla because of this 150 download speed no data caps anywhere on earth. Edit Elon Musk's wealth rockets by $15 billion on Tesla's S&P 500 entrance. He's about to become the world's 3rd-richest person. | Markets Insider -...