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  1. Black Sheep 214

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Spot wants to squeeze every drop of productivity out of it’s workforce, so when expectations are met consistently, corporate raises them again. They are truly in a race to the bottom to see if it’s possible to do everything with nothing.
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    Hired but no orientation?

    Sometimes it takes a while for them to hire enough people to schedule an orientation. Waiting is tough, but hang in there. Good luck!😁
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    The Breakroom Memes

  4. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes

  5. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes

  6. Black Sheep 214

    Fall national 2021

    The yearly meeting where the next year’s flavor of kool-aid is served to the SDs while changes for the upcoming year are announced.
  7. Black Sheep 214

    Never knew the rivalry was This bad....

    Office Depot used to take ours. They put stickers over the Target logo. Of course when we saw them we took them back…😁
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    Not a Target acronym, but a good one to know on TBR is ASANTS, All Stores Are Not The Same. 😁
  9. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes

  10. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes

  11. Black Sheep 214

    Guest using our stepstools

    Big trouble for whoever left that ladder on the sales floor, if they can determine who that was. An older guest fell off a ladder at our store and was badly injured, left in an ambulance. Very sad situation which would have been avoided if the rules regarding ladders on the sales floor had been...
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    To That One Guest - II

  13. Black Sheep 214

    update. missed orientation was late almost 40 minutes

    That was a bad break. Hope your sister is ok. Take a breath and chill for a minute.😁 You're not the first person to miss their orientation. Call them and tell them that you had a family emergency and could not get to your orientation. They will most likely reschedule you for the next...
  14. Black Sheep 214

    I'm looking forward to when summer games/toys go on clearance, whenever that uis.

    The day the summer sports/seasonal went clearance was always a happy day for our OPU/SFS Team, since the counts were always off, and those areas were INF country, big time. Particularly the water shoes. I despised dealing with them so much I hated to even walk down their aisle so see them in...
  15. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes

  16. Black Sheep 214

    The Breakroom Memes