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    OM Starting Pay

    I feel like you're inferring a lot of negative ideas from statements that aren't actually being implied. I'm not really even sure where the disconnect in some of this conversation is coming from, for the most part what I see is a consensus of: Yes, a fresh out of college hire/ limited...
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    OM Starting Pay

    It's going to vary based on the DC, but generally. Senior distribution director Operations Director (day shift/night shift) Senior operations manager (one per shift, as well as specific departments such as engineering and facility and continuous improvement departments have an som) Production...
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    OM Starting Pay

    I'm not sure why people compare the income for both so often. I hear people all the time claim how they'd never be an om because they wouldn't technically make more. Ive also heard OM's complain that some TM's earn more than they do. The differences aren't just based on income. The managed...
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    Outbound Rant/Help

    You do build up endurance and learn how to manage your lane sets better. When I first started I didn't see how in the world people found the time to stand around and talk at all. I would be running myself ragged and only being around 70%. I didn't know how I'd ever run 100% but I'm a stubborn...
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    Perfect attendance bonus at Walmart DCs?

    gonna nitpick just a bit, they don't get it at hire or regardless of attendance. From my understanding its paid out after 120 days.
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    DC OM Interview Question.

    My DC is so bad off for OM's that I believe you could do a line of coke during the interview and probably still get hired.
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    Warehouse Assoicate

    If I read the question correctly, yes, I've seen Warehouse associates get merit positions. But most often they come from different departments. Mainly *IMO* due to already having experience in multiple areas of the warehouse and are already trained on equipment.
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    Perfect attendance bonus at Walmart DCs?

    They did it at my dc one year, don't recall how much it was for and it was on a much longer time scale.
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    What did I get myself into???!

    It feels overwhelming at first, and will remain that way until you figure out how best to utilize your time and how to work your lanes efficiently. After a while you will be able to better judge which lanes to focus on and which you can "ignore". Will it get easier? Yes and no, the job is...
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    Flex down?

    I havent flexed down in a long time but don't you get a notification when its been approved?
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    Need help getting out of a function

    a few lines of though, Option 1. Share you're concerns, not that you don't want to be an LCS but the problems that have you wanting to not be an LCS anymore. Tell them you are tired of the way the other TM's treat you, you're tired of not having the roles and access you need to preform your...
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    Going back to IB

    Agreed, I've been pretty successful in my role as an icqa, I'd be happy to help with whatever I could and I'm sure as inbounddcguy says others would be willing to help as well. I work at an RDC so I'm not overly sure how icqa's operate outside of an RDC. I'm assuming you've gone to your...
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    Going back to IB

    I guess it really depends on how your facility handles it, but I can't see that you "start over" again. You keep all of your equipment certs and we had plenty of icqa's working voluntary ot in ops when ops needed help. They mainly signed up for gpmers, I didn't hear about anyone of them throwing...
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    Applied at a Distribution Center with experience but a rough work history recently, should I be worried?

    I think they are down to an either or stance on those questions now. Feels like our recent hires make up about a 1/3 of our workforce.
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    ICQA dock audits

    I know it came from 3811 so you would have to have your icqa leader reach out to theirs.
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    ICQA dock audits

    I'm just mostly surprised that one, it was allowed to happen to begin with and then was pushed to at least a regional level *that I'm aware of*. I'm not complaining by any means its a far better process than how we use to preform them. When you say "We made" is that an ambiguous we, or were you...
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    Trainer specialist

    Yeah thats the odd part, I was told it's a pilot program and I'm guessing they will assess after 6 months on how well it's working.
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    Exhaust Fans in Warehouse

    So in high humidity areas they tend to keep them shut as it 1 causes boxes to "crumble" far easier and you see a ton of fallen bulk locations that would have been stable were it not for the humidity. It also can wreck the conveyer system mainly the rollers used in outbound. I've seen it so bad...
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    Trainer specialist

    Merit position like ICQA, problem solvers, clerical, ect... It use to be worded that merits couldn't be forced into mandatory overtime but that changed a few months ago. You get a yearly performance review and raises based on your merit(s). We also qualify for bonus of up to 3% of our yearly...
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    Trainer specialist

    From what I was told about it, hr is taking a less active role for the onboarding process and this will be handed over to the training specialist. They report to the training om(s) directly, the schedule will not be a b1 b2 a1 a2 type schedule. I didnt inquire much as it didn't interest me...