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    To That One Guest - II

    I am old & have worked retail & restaurants since 1977. The things I have cleaned up in women's restrooms are beyond disgusting. Kids don't get blood on the walls, floors & seats. Kids don't spread toilet paper on the seat & pee all over the seat & then leave the soggy toilet paper on the seat...
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    To That One Guest - II

    Nope, women truly are that disgusting. I worked in nice restaurants, fast food joints & department stores from 1977 until 2020. The women's restrooms are ALWAYS dirtier than the Men's restrooms. Women are filthy.
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    Defecting before inventory

    I was Price Change TL for nearly six years until the position was eliminated. I did financials for 9 of the nearly 14 years I was at my former store. As Is & Online merchandise never sold. It took up valuable endcap space, got dirty & doesn't scan on the Regis system. Inventory 2019 was a...
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    The Target Dress Challange?

    They were thinking "cottage core".
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    The Target Dress Challange?

    It is part of the whole "cottage core" nonsense. Bored women playing "Little House on the Prairie". My friends & family who actually farm think it is hilarious.
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    COVID-19 Demand that Target Protect and Compensate the Team As Covid Surges On!

    And wrongful termination can be awfully hard to prove, especially in an at-will employment state.
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    Gifts ?

    Last year, I was SETL. I gave each front of store team member a card, thanking them for their hard work. I kept snacks in my bottom desk drawer all through the year.
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    Being paid unused vacation pay after termination

    It depends on the state. If you get terminated in Texas, you lose vacation/sick/personal time.
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    Answered Are managers allowed to watch the security cams?

    The SD & ETL'S at my former store spent hours in the AP office watching the cameras.
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    Change shortage

    My family lives in the Texas panhandle. Banks up there are giving a 10% bonus to people who bring in their change in. My mom saves her change & usually cashes it in twice a year. It is her "fun" money as she lives on a fixed income. She took $149 to the bank; came home with $165. They rounded...
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    door policy

    My former store has an HR ETL & one HR team member. The HR TM works 8 - 3 MWF & IF she is scheduled on T & TH; it is in OPU. The HR ETL desperately wants to be a stay at home mom so most of her day is spent on her office. She is constantly on her phone; watching her son at daycare. The HR TM is...
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    I finally got my unemployment claim approved & received payments this week. It doesn't look like I will get the additional money due to Covid-19 but I am good with what I am getting. Target contested my claim but I spoke to someone a few weeks ago to give my side of the story. TWC found in my...
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    Rotating DBO'S ...The end of TL = True modernization

    I was a TL for nearly 14 years. I was put on CA in the spring & fired in June for performance issues. Among those issues were "being too hands on & not delegating all tasks". I had no input on schedules. I did, however, do all of the training, most of the resets with my team & worked my ass off...
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    I got fired & my unemployment has been approved. However, the TWC is double checking my payment request so it could be a few weeks before I get the payments. Luckily, I have savings. Someone fired for stealing isn't going to be able to collect unemployment, at least not in Texas. My best friend...
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    COVID-19 Anyone else have confirmed Covid-19 cases in the warehouse?

    Four confirmed cases at my former store. Three in the last 10 days. Oops, wrong thread. I worked in a regular store.
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    I've been trying to get hired as an ETL/TL, am I missing something?

    The thing is that all stores are not the same & all districts are not the same. I am in Texas. My former district does a lot of external hires for TL & ETL positions. Other districts may do internal promotions. It varies widely.
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    It depends on your state. In Texas, quitting usually equals no unemployment. Go to your state's official website to see what information is there.
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    Exit Questionaire

    No. I was termed. I am guessing the exit survey is only if someone quits? I don't know much about HR. My former store has a revolving door on the HR office & hasn't ever had a really good HR ETL.
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    Exit Questionaire

    I didn't do the exit survey.
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    Answered Still on the bench.

    ASANTS. In the 14 years I was at my store, I saw a grand total of 5 TM'S promoted to TL & 1 TL promoted to ETL. The TL who promoted was promptly thrown under the modernization bus & quit after 5 months. Outside, young hires are the current rage in this district & several long time TL'S have been...