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    Answered Shift taken?

    So I got scheduled for like 8 days in a row no day off.... I first told HR not to do that anymore and that I would like AT LEAST one day off. Then I asked a few people if they wanted take one of my shifts and everyone basically said no except for one person but she's new so I wasn't sure if...
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    I'm Lost! Starting my LOA

    Ok thanks
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    I'm Lost! Starting my LOA

    Hey just wondering if there's a way for me to start my ELOA online or on the computer at work. My HR ETL is away on medical leave , I have been working closing shifts the past few days so the other HR is gone by the time I get in , also I haven't been able to get in contact with her through the...
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    Calling Out on New Years

    I am a GM TM that has just returned from my ELOA this week. My initial schedule that I received had me only working for 2 days but on my 1st day back an ETL decided to give me a new schedule. I usually work closing but he gave me a bunch of opening shifts...I didn't really care at first because...