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    I'm worried about my status as an aspiring leader.

    Make an appointment to speak to your SD. Tell him you're interested and ask for "developmental activities". It's part of their job as SD/ETL to develop TM into TLs. Tell your ETL-HR too. Leadership is leaving Target so fast, they're always looking for new TLs.
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    "Brand"-everything has to be perfect..all the time.
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    Moving to consumables

    Get a new pair of sneakers. You'll be constantly on the move. Be nice to your team. It's the toughest area of the store to work, and you'll have a lot of turnover. Fight to get the hours you're supposed to. SD will always short you hours. Update your resume. I was with Target for 16+...
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    ETL HR doing punch corrections for TMs in compliance.

    It used to happen all the time at my store. People would just leave off a start or end meal punch and HR expert would just fix it without asking anyone.
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    Team Lead training

    Closing lead at my old store just got termed for leaving something unsecured more than once. I'm just saying. I had keys as Flow TL, but never had to secure the building.
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    Team Lead training

    I held 6 different TL positions with Spot. Most times I was sent to another store to train. My last position (F&B TL) I was not. One of the best things about being sent out for training is it connects you with a peer you stay in contact afterwards. If you don't feel ready, tell your SD you...
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    Update your resume and start looking for another job. You've spent 10-11 years working for a Fortune 50 company and have acquired skills other employers are looking for. It may take a couple months but you will find something better and less stressful. You can make more money somewhere else...
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    What can I expect at 2nd interview with manager?

    "Tell me about a time", talk about planning, executing, adapting, developing someone, holding someone accountable, providing great guest service, showing courage/confidence, etc. etc.
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    Ever had your store change volume levels during your tenures at Target?

    Lower. We had a Walmart open 2 blocks away. Went through an "org chart" change, and lost a couple of TL/ETL positions. It was a hot ass mess.
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    Anyone else feeling overworked?

    If you're working overnight it's stressful. That schedule wears on your mind, body, and spirit. It also means it's a high volume store..
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    Tell me about throwing the truck…

    Went back to my old store today. The GM1 TL was in a motorized cart because he broke his toe in the truck during the unload a couple of days ago. Be safe everyone!!
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    Tell me about throwing the truck…

    It's much easier than it used to be. I was flow TL 5 years ago and had to throw the truck every day. It almost killed me. Be kind to your throwers. The pace is slower now, but it's usually only one person now. It wears on you very quickly, but as a TL you shouldn't have to throw the truck.
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    Target Canada Talk

    Thanks for the link. Very Interesting article!! I remember when it happened. I knew it was an absolute train wreck and now I know why. Lots of people got the axe after that clusterf*ck.
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    Resignation survey

    There's a blank spot at the end you can type in whatever you want.
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    New ETL

    Give your team positive feedback as well as things that need to be improved on. Two best things I ever heard from leadership- My DM at First Watch used to say "Am I catching people doing things right?" If people just get dumped on, they shut down. My favorite STL used to say "My job is to...
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    Still on mandatory OT with 40k plans

    Wow, what will that look like? How long have they been working on that? How will that be different from what it is now? I've always been curious about what goes on in a DC...
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    Anyone else feeling overworked?

    This is the difference between good leadership and bad leadership. If the team feels valued and appreciated, they'll deal with the chaos and keep smiling. If they're getting dumped on and blamed, people will leave and go elsewhere. That's the main reason I left Target.
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    How Bad Is Your Store?

    5 years ago we had a Walmart open right across the street. Sales dropped 12% and store didn't reduce OTLs (order to levels). Backroom was so jacked up we were climbing over pallets in the fire aisle to get to the bathrooms. Had pallets of BTS sit untouched under the line for weeks. SD refused...