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    Logistics MIR problems

    So, I still have Jan to Dec 2020 planners in my backroom, and next week the 2021 planners come out. Does anyone know how i can force these items into an MIR? I have over 150 eaches and it is really clogging up my space in the back
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    Logistics Mispicks

    I know how mispicks change/correct counts for items, but how do they affect shrinkage? I've seen mispicks fall into the drastic counts to ensure that they are correct, which makes me think that it would affect shrinkage just like audit would, but i'm not sure. Anyone know more?
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    Fan Central 2/09

    My Fan Central POG for two weeks out took all of the hardlines goods out of the POG and replaced it with another section of hanging apparel. However, the hardlines merchandise doesn't seem to go anywhere as far as i can see. Even the addendum doesn't mention anything. Anyone know what's up?
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    Rewrap/repackage gone?

    Has anyone else had trouble with rewrapping items? It has disappeared from online items and from all the screens on my work. I also tried at the service desk and that's gone too. Anyone know what happened? They always take things away without any notifications
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    Archived Pog pulls

    @tmap98 So, we've all been having trouble pulling our POG batches and salesplan batches to fill our aisles and endcaps ever since the switch to mywork 2.0. I've seen multiple posts here, on Facebook, and peers at other stores discuss how they've had to drop batches 2 even 3 times to get what...
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    Archived Video game cards

    What's the process for NOP video game cards? There are a bunch littering our electronics stockroom and I'm just wondering if anyone knows the actual best practice. I'm inclined to just toss them and let inventory handle the counts. It's not like anyone would be buying the download card from a...
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    Archived Printing shelf labels/aisle labels on mywork 2

    We haven't been able to figure out how to get the hip printers to print shelf labels since the new upgrade to mywork 2.0. Can anyone share the necessary settings needed to get it to work?
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    Archived Create a salesplan

    Does anyone have any word on whether the 'create a salesplan' feature is coming back to MyWork? My store has a bad habit of backstocking vendor product, and it was incredibly useful for pulling that NOP product back out and getting it pushed into the vendor spots. In addition it helped purge all...
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    Archived Entertainment transition

    So, I received the mid October map for entertainment, and it is posing some important questions without answers. In chain stores without entertainment 2.0, it seems their "get rid of movies" solution seems to be replacing half of it with a brand new toy flat. This toy flat pushes books to where...
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    Archived Greenfield Move Workload Tool

    So, I'm a Team Leader who runs the trucks/Logistics on days that the Flow Backroom leader is off. I've tried to pull up the pull times on the Move Workload tool in Greenfield, however it says I'm access denied. I've been able to get in it before, but I think it was when the Receiver was logged...
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    Archived Vacuum Wall

    Does anyone have any ideas on creative ways to set the Vacuum Wall so that the boxes can stay zoned in place a little better? In our store, the vacuums frequently are either overstocked or they drift to nearby pricepoints, and it becomes an unecessary hassle. When we set it, I'm hoping to maybe...