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    Transition tips and tricks

    I've been through transition 2-3 times in my area (personal care and OTC) and I think I do a pretty good job of it. But I'm always looking for ways to improve. What are your best tips and tricks? What seemed like a great idea and really flopped (aka "avoid this like the plague!")? How do you...
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    NOP report?

    Is there a listing I can generate that will tell me all the NOP product I have in the back room? Sometimes, we get stuff in a repack that we don't carry and if it's not the DBO doing that day's push, it might not be recognized as such. It gets back stocked and forgotten. I've been finding some...
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    Going salvage faster?

    Am I imagining things or is clearance going to salvage faster than it used to? Seems like it's marked 30% off for a week, goes to 50% for a couple of days, and then, bang! Off to salvage it goes. Some stuff didn't even have time to go to 50%. We have guests who shop those clearance end caps...
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    Getting salvage on a truck

    Why does the DC send stuff that's already gone salvage? It doesn't happen often, but I've received 3 different products just lately. Sometimes, it's product that we did carry but no longer do. Sometimes, it's product that another store in the area carries but we don't, and the pick label is...
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    Archived What do you miss?

    Lately, I've really been missing the trash cages. It was so easy to just toss my cardboard in one of those, have a bag loosely tied at one side to put plastic in. Keeping it all contained on my u-boat works, sort of, but it's not as easy.
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    Archived Shelf label strips

    Anyone else notice that the shelf label strips are becoming even more misaligned with how product fits on shelves? Doing ad set this morning, I was struck by how "off" some of them are. In some cases, it's just ridiculous how things are apparently supposed to fit. Sometimes, it's incredibly...
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    Archived When to request transfer to new store?

    There's a new store opening in my area some time next year - closer to where I live and closer to my other job. When would y'all suggest talking to HR about transferring? I don't want to jump the gun, but I don't want to miss out either.
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    Archived What about the really great guests?

    Along the lines of the guests we love to hate, what about the ones who are actually kind or helpful or otherwise quite pleasant? I'll start: I overheard two guests talking about an area that POG had recently reset, saying how great it looked and someone or several someones did a really...