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  1. xxTheDudexx

    COVID-19 COVID Fatigue, Coping, Support, Venting, etc.

    Are we defining close exposure as hugging, kissing, or the lalala? Because I can pretty much guarantee you we've all had exposure to it almost daily. In fact, I literally just found out 10 mins ago one of our new team members just tested positive. We had a huddle at our store and we were told...
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    New POS has GOT to go!

    Oh yeah. Incomplete. That's definitely the word. If it's not complete, why are they in such a hurry to roll it out into their stores? It doesn't provide a great guest experience when we have to rescan a 2 shopping cart order during a pandemic because a register crapped out on us that's for...
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    New etl

    It's a tough time of year to start out. First, know your team. Find team members who have been there for a while. They're going to be the ones to go to to find out how things are going. Best ETLs I've had treated everyone with respect not like they were children or their bff. It's a fine...
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    COVID-19 COVID Fatigue, Coping, Support, Venting, etc.

    All I can say is, if you'd like to hear a long never ending lecture on what's wrong with America, freedom, and rights. Work the mask desk.
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    Payment on account

    Yeah they'll be fine. They're just going to see a charge on their statement and a payment. They'll cancel out. They won't pay any interest on it only on what they carried over from the previous month if they had one. And so on for the next month if they don't pay it off on full like normal...
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    Can upper mangement take you out of a deptment with out your say so

    It has happened a lot at my store over the years. It really depends on leadership at your store and how good of a team member you are. If they like you, want to keep you, they're going to want to make sure you're happy by at least keeping you where you want to work if they're smart. I've seen...
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    Will I get fired for calling off Black Friday?

    No you won't get fired, especially if they like you. I'd put your shift on the shift swap board in tsc pronto. It's possible a cross trained team member from another work center might be able to do it. It's a last ditch effort but it could happen. So I'd do that and talk to your leadership...
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    How likely is it to not get the job if you completed orientation poorly?

    No way man. Like everyone else said you showed up. If you want to get fired you actually have to be pretty creative. First guy I trained this year looked like he just burned one on the way to his first shift and asked me if it was time for a break soon after just 30 minutes. Consider all the...
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    Service & Engagement What should the cart door be set to??

    I think ours have 3 settings I believe. Auto (you don't want they'll open like the regular doors when they detect any motion including guests), open (they open and stay open), and something else which is what you probably want for the slap buttons outside the doors to work for opening. Sorry I...
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    We've actually been pretty fortunate. It's kind of a nightmare right now with all the new team members coming into the mix under the holiday pressure and limited training on the fly. But that's to be expected and up until about a month ago we were doing great. We've been first in our district...
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    New POS has GOT to go!

    It's frustrating as hell that's for sure. All of us hate them too. Thankfully guest services is still on the old system at my store for now so I continue to use those registers as much as possible if I do jump on (we have IGS). They claimed they're supposed to be faster and more convenient...
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    How Long Did It Take You??

    Oh I never heard that one before. I never heard it from anyone else but I was always under the assumption they got the name from Gaylord Nelson. Since Target was always all about being "green". He was the founder of Earth Day FYI. But I could be entirely wrong on that.
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    Hey, I don't think you're an asshole at all. I completely agree with everything you said here. This is exactly why I flat out don't bother to do it anymore. I got sick of it. I just posted that advice because someone asked how to get them and I used to get tons of them. If you want red...
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    Archived Can you use sick time to pad your hours?

    I was stuck at 80 hours of vacation and what is it 30 or 40 hours of personal time for the longest time until they finally approached me and told me that I've been maxed out on both for like 3 years and never used it. I've been losing a lot of it, and I never call off either. They told me if I...
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    My advise, if you really want to get red cards, you don't ask the guest if they'll be putting that on a red card today. You don't ask them if they want a red card. That's just asking to get shot down with a simple no answer. If you try that and you get a no, you might as well just forget...
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    Archived Considering pursuing GSA position?

    You would certainly have to be at least 18 for that role. Just know what you're signing yourself up for. Probably varies from store to store a little bit. Talk to the GSA's at your store and ask them how they like the position without hinting your intentions. I was a GSA for almost a year...
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    Archived HOW to quit

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    Archived Cash office

    When I closed as GSA and my STL was with me 2 weeks ago loading up the safe at night, she was like: "We should train you to work the cash office." I immediately thought of this:
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    Archived To GSAs and GSTLs. Do you speedwave Guests First or TMs?

    Since our photo lab is still where the old guest service used to be, and there is hardly anybody over there, I tap team members on the shoulder and have them follow me to the other side of see spot and I actually use that register we never use to ring them out so other guests can't see it. It's...
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    Archived IGS

    I hate it. Good luck. We are in the process of our remodel. We've had IGS for about a month now. I was hoping it would be one of the last things they changed. It's barely manageable at times right now, I don't know how we're going to do it come Christmas time. Yes, get ready to explain to...