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    Archived Losing patience...

    Anyone have any advice on re-gaining patience in dealing with team members or other leaders in the building? Is it a matter of taking a deep breath, walking away, etc. What works best for you? I know it's a stressful time of year for everyone but I'd like to get back to a better place as a...
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    Archived New AAR category?!

    Did anyone notice on the AAR reports that Nintendo Handheld became a category? (It first showed up for me on the week ending 10/19 report). It's been there ever since and has helped my YTD score a little bit. What about everyone else?
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    Archived What type of store do you work in?

    I'm curious to see what type of store we all work in. Edit: I forgot city targets were a thing! Feel free to reply or respond not sure. I can't edit the poll for some reason :-/
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    Archived SrTLs

    In your store (or any other store you've worked in) what positions are paired with being a SrTL? For example, in my store we've had softlines SrTL, SrGSTL, back room/in stocks SrTL (in a store with only 1 TL in each area on the sales floor). Also, which pairing of SrTL seems to be most...
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    Archived Burning batches?

    I know you're not supposed to burn batches, but if you are pulling a batch and know you don't need the product what do you do?
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    Archived Keeping the team late?

    Here's a quick poll for you all: Does your sales floor team stay late (past their scheduled end work time) to complete zone/abandon? If yes, answer with what time (on average) they end up leaving/any other insights into when this happens at your store.
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    Archived Greetings!

    Hello! I am new to the board and hope to learn a lot! I used to work for Target (Sales Floor TM for almost 3 years) and am looking at going back...hopefully as an ETL. Any advice, tips, etc. would be appreciated!