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    Archived Leadership Expectations etc.

    Alright so a friend of mine is applying for GSA, and I want to help her prep for her interview as much as possible, help her get the lingo down and whatnot. Anyone know if Leadership Expectations is available online? Along with the other paperwork that you receive. I know it's available on...
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    Archived can i void missed salvage?

    On the Audit list just write 1 instead of 2, which is fine.
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    Archived New position

    As far as responsibilities go, that sounded a lot like a GSA position. Cash office, watching lanes, getting blinkers etc. usually is what a GSA does (among other things). I'm guessing your ETL wants you to move up within the Front End, while your ETL HL wants you to be Cosmetics Brand . If...
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    Archived Steps to selling a Target Red Card?

    Ah so your store allows the Debit card to be ran thru to apply..that'd be very convenient.. Anyways basically just follow onscreen prompts. Most stores require a blank check to sign up for the Target Debit Card, however as your store has, can use the debit card itself to apply. As far as the...
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    Archived GSA to TL?

    Wondering if one were to go from GSA to a TL if it would require a store transfer. Do all TL promotions require this? Our PATL was our Signing Specialist prior and managed to promote up within our store.. basically wondering what are the guidelines in which they transfer you for a TL spot...
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    Archived Gift Registry Kiosk

    Yup. Top Right, Top Left. Might have to do it a few times, cause the screen config is never 100%. I believe it's in the Guest Service training book as well, could be different for your store. The technician who works on the registry computers came in one day and was hitting all four corners so...
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    Archived My interview with Target

    The assessment takes 10 minutes tops, and it is on the application kiosk where you may have applied prior. Nothing to be worried about.
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    Archived Curios Question - Fights and Confrontations

    Depends on the severity. Typically, the one who initiates the fight is on final warning, and if you hit back you're on CA. In my store, at least.
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    Team Member Smells like Booze

    I'd drink to 9.00 an hour...
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    This balance you speak of.. I wish I could find it. My ETLs (and STL) are like Gods. Their offices have glass windows on our 2nd story that overlook the check lanes. If they see something they don't like they'll start going on the walkies. SEND GUEST TO LANE 2 NOW, NOW NOW NOW.
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    When we remodeled we received 12 3-tier carts. Backroom stole 5 so we're down to 7. Some stores have a wall to block reshop.. however we don't have enough space to accomodate. So we look like Wal-Mart behind GS. The tub chills behind GS, fills up with defectives that we process before close each...
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    You make a good point. I do share your likes about it. My ETLs are very particular about constant guest flow to IGS though. Even when I tell my ETLs that GS TM's aren't keeping up on routine, they spit out "Well, best practice is to always assist guests". I find myself auditing defectives at...
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    Basically, ours is 3 lanes that are used for anything Guest Service related.. while expecting to cash out guests like the usual. These 3 lanes face our regular checkout lanes. EXIT DOORS - VACATED GUEST SERVICE CCC ln3 Ln4 Ln6 Ln8 Ln10 AAA RRR ln2 Ln5 Ln7 Ln9...
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    Archived Speculation: Something's changing at the Service Desk

    Integrated Guest Service Anyone else have this 'luxury' yet? Awful in my opinion...
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    Archived They never should've hired you!!!!!!

    I kinda like it when ppl yell at me.. not like it in that wierd way but When they sit there yelling and pouting idk.. it just amuses me .. the stuff they say
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    Archived Red Card Pitch

    Good tips. Honestly, its all about perception. 90% of my cashiers don't say anything beyond what the prompt tells them to.. I try to get them to but they're uncomfortable I guess.. kinda lame. I get like 2 Reds a day by jumping on when the LOD is watching for me.. I probably do maybe 30...
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    Archived Work relationships Topic

    Kinda wierd. Seems like all our new ETLs are engaged to another ETL at another store at our district. Otherwise, one of our ETLs hits on EVERY new girl.. and trust me there's a lot being hired for our Pfresh transition. Whether he acts on it.. I don't know.. but eh.
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    Archived Hello!

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    Archived Service Loop

    If you mean like asking every guest in a TMs area if they can help them find something? If so, yes. They're called 'service blitzes' at my store. They are also hourly.
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    Archived Final Warning for "Working Off The Clock"

    Kinda sucks... I mean, I understand your point of view. I'm a GSA as well and well, I wish they gave GSTL/GSAs time to do stuff like e-mails and whatnot cause really we can't leave the front too often...