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    Archived Toilet Paper forts

    This is exactly why I take a thorough walk of the store on closing nights and have been checking behind paper towels and toilet paper since we catch kids weekly doing this during the day (never caught one at night).
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    Archived AE 2017

    Pretty sure it was AE13. I remember an ETL telling me it would be a great way to develop as a leader. There's so much development to be done when you're pushing abandon and pulls and have no sales floor team!
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    Archived Need Central Location for Womens Winter Hats..XmasSweaters

    That's a good idea but the VMML in my area said that is not allowed because of the anti-flammable treatment/disclaimers on the kids PJs but not required for adult pjs. Just an FYI.
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    Archived Only eat (insert here) while at Spot

    I only eat cheetos while I'm at target. At home, I don't eat them (or buy them for home).
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    Archived Shopability

    Sounds like you all need a few cold days to clear out some stuff! (Well if you're drowning in coats/sweaters/PJs) It finally started getting cold where I am and the coats, sweaters, cold weather accessories etc. started selling!
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    Archived Guests that tie up the lines with Cartwheel

    I don't mind helping guests with Cartwheel when I have time to talk them through the download and an explanation of how it works. It's annoying at the checklanes when no one understands how it works and they want the cartwheel sale when they don't have the app. I started telling them I can...
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    Archived Guests that tie up the lines with Cartwheel

    You know you're not supposed to use your own barcode right? (Especially with perks since you're taking advantage of other people's purchases to get your own rewards.) I'd be careful if I were you.
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    Archived TM's being disrespectful

    I completely agree with the push-back but I think there's a right and wrong way to push back on your leaders, and when TMs do it the wrong way it comes across as attitude. The right way is to explain the situation and ask questions. For example, leader asks signing TM to help POG team for a few...
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    Archived The "my store is a disaster" thread

    I have 1,542 pairs of snow bibs (boys and girls) so the BR has hanging backstock for the first time in a LONG time. The VMML (Visual Merch Market Leader) has made a big deal out of things being neat and not overstuffed on the floor so backstock is allowed currently.
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    Archived No more LOD

    I know about that...I got to do the acting LOD thing for like a year before promoting to Sr. We have almost as many senior TLs (3) as regular TLs (5, but that includes Starbucks and AP) so TLOD doesn't happen. SrTLs will help out with random LOD calls if the LOD (Sr or ETL) is occupied or on...
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    Archived TM's being disrespectful

    Without knowing more about the dynamics between you and your signing TM/team culture it's hard to say. If I were you I'd partner with your ETL or another ETL who could provide some advice. I'd also suggest having a seek to understand conversation with the TM to see where he's at and what's...
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    Archived The "my store is a disaster" thread

    I feel like I'm at acceptance also, lol. SFS/SPU is breaking my store down this week (the collates not printing yesterday meant we had a huge backlog of packing to do). Plus all the call outs from sick TMs isn't helping.
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    Archived RIP Backroom and SFS - Cyber Monday

    Unfortunately mine were showing they were due at 10:56, 11:04 etc.
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    Archived RIP Backroom and SFS - Cyber Monday

    7 flexes dropped in at like 10pm at my store. I thought they were supposed to stop dropping 1 hour before close? Grrr.
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    Archived What have you broken at Spot?

    Several boxes of light bulbs during inventory prep Many plastic storage tubs Containers of yogurt A ladder I'm sure there's more though!
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    Archived Anniversary time!

    At my current store, 4 years, cumulatively a little over 7 years.
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    I'm Lost! The Target Dating Thread

    I'm with you there. I'm a TL, dated another TL for awhile. I won't date anyone from work again.
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    Archived Does your store have an extensive outdoors/Fishing section?

    Same's really helpful when shovels and all cold weather gear clearances in February! "Yes I know it's snowing and it's May, but would you like to buy some swim goggles?"
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    Archived Secret sale

    Harambe...I'm lmao!!
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    Archived Self-Checkouts

    I wish we had them at my store! I have heard from other stores it cuts down on the backup cashier calls which would be great in my store because lately backup is being called before 9am. Ughhhh