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    GM TL interview

    I have been with Target for a little over a year now, I started in FOS and moved to GM around 3 months ago. I have been getting groomed for leadership so to say: given more responsibility, a TL mentor, being taught how to strategic plan as a GM TL, etc. I have an interview coming up soon for the...
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    1for1 productivity

    So we do 1for1s from 3-11pm and each team member is responsible for doing the 1for1s from the whole day for 4 sections. Do other stores not do it that way?
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    1for1 productivity

    My store is broken into 3 sections to fill the 1for1 needs. I was wondering in a week how many DPCI’s or eaches y’all pull. What would you consider slow, a good pace, and fast? Also, if you have any tips on how to pull more that would be really helpful!