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    Archived cart attendant restroom checks question

    At our store, we just put a sign on the door that says "closed, please use family or pharmacy". We got nwer signs that were more readable so guests can actually read the darn signs. Every hour, we make sure that the floors and clean and there is enough toilet paper in each stall. Also please...
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    Archived Target's Response to opening on Thanksgiving

    Retail lesson, open at 9PM, just hope that you can suck it up. If I really needed something then for sure. To be fair, Target can give their reasoning, but there are real reasons behind it. I think if it was all true they would of announced it WAY sooner bcus it shows lack of organization and a...
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    Archived The Official 9PM Black Friday Rage Thread

    Agreed. I feel like Target made this decisions due to its competitors (especially Wal-Mart). Since they announced it, the decision was too late that now management has to step up to make all the schedule changes, which forces you TM's to have to work on Black Friday. I mean, what would happen...
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    Archived Responding on walkie - what is your store's philosophy?

    I think it has to more with more authority, usually the GSTL starts and then if no1 responds, then the ETL's start to ask as a way of pressure (no big deal) Our store which has a pretty big volume of sales floor, hardlines, and softlines can get backup pretty easily but then the problem is u...
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    Archived Why so few hours?

    Same here, i just took a official LoA but during the summer I was getting very close to 40 hours a week, and nvr went below 30 hours. If u really want more hours, either make your availability wide open or start cross-training so u can pick up more shifts, at least most of my shifts were from...
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    Archived Getting items from the backroom for guests?

    Hehe. That's what I did sometimes whenever a guest would come up to me and ask "if we were out did we have anymore", my first instinct is to take the shelf label for and go to one of the stores nearest bar code scanners and check if there were any more in the stockroom. If I couldn't get a...
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    Archived Question for Cart Attendants.

    Yea, this is why i believe cart attendants should get more respect, your literally busting your butt during the busiest times of days while u gotta calm your nerves down. Watching out for guests entering as well as traffic can be a pain, especially when the GSTL is yelling at you to bring more...
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    Archived I have worked every weekend for 6 months straight

    It's a love hate relationship. I think ever1 including yourself should know that the weekends are BUSY as f*ck lol. I definitely feel you, except every shift I literally had to work openings including weekends during my summer period. It really has to do with the availability of yourself and...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To my fellow TM, you didnt have to, but we were busy today and no1 else was trained to do carts, so I volunteered to skip my lunch and take it an hour and 1/2 past the usual time, and he told my GSTL that I skipped my lunch so we could catch up. Then my GSTL offered to requisition lunch for me...
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    Archived the most redcards you've sold?

    Yes, don't feel bad, like my favorite line from dumb and dumber: Lloyd: What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me... ending up together? Mary: Well, Lloyd, that's difficult to say. I mean, we don't really... Lloyd: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came...
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    Archived Question for Cart Attendants.

    Just a word of advice, dont go outside if there si lightning or if it is pouring outside. So best thing to do is have as many carts inside when this happens so u dont have to be outside. If its still busy and people are complaining about why all the carts are wet during this weather, then its...
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    Archived Target staying open later for back-to-school?

    Not sure but some stores do have extended hours, my target is opened till 10pm on sunday and mon-sat its till 11pm.
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    Archived Understanding Vacation and P/H

    Dam, I averaged 30 hours per week this month and no vacation, WTF, is Target playing with or should I ask why I am not getting vacation, I've been there for more than 6 months but I took a LoA and have only worked 2 months so far.
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    Archived Scanning IDs

    Yea its funny, my first encounter my guest got pretty nervous and he/she immediately said "I dont have any ID" But if you TM's don't realize why people don't want to give out their personal information, "For...
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    Archived Cart Attendant Questions and a Call Off Rant

    The cart pusher is some machine :P Has any1 tried moving a car using 1? I have a funny story, one of the LoD's who is about to come into work asks me he has a car problem, and his car died where you usually come into the parking lot, so he asks me to help push his car w/ a cart pusher and...
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    Archived Cart Attendant Questions and a Call Off Rant

    With the old ones, the most I've ever put on was like 70 during a closing shift (nvr in the day), but I always put around 25 now just bcus our cart pushers at our store are getting old, I don't want to risk breaking it and the more you put on, the faster you drain the poor batteries. Between...
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    Archived Backroom issues

    Good, at my store it had to be one of the worst weekends, particularly bcus this was the weekend no timeoffs could be requested at my store, so we were shorthanded and all the sales floor had to backup for the most part of the day :P not to say that the backroom issues were more severe
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    Archived Get a Saturday off from target.....

    I feel you, it was so bad in our store that the Sales Floor LOD kept saying "everybody stop what your doing and go up to the front lanes" Yes if u do work on the weekends, I feel for you. You get more hours but the pain and suffering :P
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    Archived Being Kept Past Schedule

    There can be plenty of reasons to be working past schedule, I just stayed an hour alter for work today bcus the next guy didn't come in until then, so i would blame the scheduler for that mistake. No1 seemed to care bcus I didnt ask o stay later nor the gstl didnt mind, but its all good. The...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    I'm not sure who makes the schedule, at my store I know its one of my GSTL's, so you should probably talk to them if you have any problems. I know a few people at my store can only and ONLY work during a set time bcus they have another job to go to afterwards, so their availability is pretty...