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    Target IT systems are less than ideal

    As a disclaimer, I don't think it's the fault of Target's IT people. I'm sure they work hard like the rest of us under sometimes difficult conditions with far fewer hours than they need. Where to begin? Having to log in 3-4 times each session just to do my every-single-freaking-day stuff...
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    Drive Up app changes?

    I'm hearing drive up app for some stores is changing so that one team member can only scan in one order at any one time, and other tms will have to remove or de-assign another tm from an order if they are going to take it out themselves. Anybody know what this is about? Or have more info? Seems...
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    Anybody else love their team?

    Ya I love the little flickers. It has been a struggle but we're getting along and the vibes are good. Unsurprisingly, metrics are solid too and we'd follow each other into hell. Rum and coke if you were wondering. Cheers
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    Ethics - Performancing somebody out

    There's a front end team member who has been there a long time and is mediocre. The kind where you have to keep on them about breaks, being away from the workstation, and engaging guests. When you get on them, they improve for a little while into acceptable performance, but soon slide back into...
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    How strict are you about this type of call-off?

    The classic where the shift is put up on the board, but nobody takes it, and the person calls off. I feel we're really soft on this and it's biting us in the ass all the time. How do other stores handle these?
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    Dealing with backstabbing TMs

    I'll keep it as vague as possible to protect identities, but the other day, one of my TMs did something bad enough that I think corrective action should be considered (there is no ambiguity about the bad behavior - it's verifiable). I spoke to them one-on-one and coached them and was especially...
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    Shipt shoppers seem to make pretty good $

    I saw the pre-tax take of a Shipt shopper I went to school with. He works about my hours and on average, he clearly makes more than I do as a TL (though tbh so do most people). Do any of you do it, or know somebody who does? My guy is doing about 4k/mo. pre-tax, though with quite a bit of...
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    Do we discourage retail arbitrage/resellers?

    This is more of a question for my boss, but I'm interested in what you guys have to say. We get our share of arbitrage schemers, mostly Amazon resellers who obviously don't have any sort of contract with Target. They clean our shelves of some desired product, and act as (imo) nasty leeches. I...
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    SETL routines, got my first coaching

    At my store, the SETLs spend most of their day helping each front of store area. Covering breaks, hopping in drive-ups, jumping on lanes, backing up the desk. Last week, I got ripped in front of the checklanes by the SD for not being out in front more. The line had backed up while I was away...
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    How many of you were fully (or at least extensively) trained?

    Looking at the mountain of onboarding for TLs that I have had no opportunity to do... I started my new position (SETL) during the holiday rush, so the training I got was "training" on the job. And now that we're in January, payroll is so tight that I'm cashiering and picking up the slack a lot...
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    How many concurrent drive-ups can 1 TM handle? 2? 3?

    This will vary depending on the kinds of orders you're getting and whether the guests give you enough time, but what would you say is, on average, the number of people in the queue (including both arriving and arrived) that can be handled by 1 TM? How about 2? 3? When I worked drive-ups, I felt...
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    New GSTL, howdy

    Hi all. I found this place while googling and it seems like a nice vibe. Quick rundown that should be vague enough: I'm no longer in my 20's, I'm from the west coast, and was recently promoted in-store after a year working GS, to GSTL. I love the job so far and my username is hopefully accurate...