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    Archived Ordering wine

    What does your store do in terms of protocol when it comes to buying wine? Is your ETL-Food involved at all or do they not even care? Do you buy case deals? Pass the savings on to the guests? My ETL hates everything wine, She hates when I do case deals etc. but when it comes to beer, she could...
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    Archived How does your store schedule consumables?

    New in role Sr.CTL here and just wondering how our store schedules the consumable team. Like how many closers? How long? If you know how many hours you guys use that would be great as well. Right now I only have a person to open and a person to close, thats it. So it is pretty hard to close and...
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    Archived GSTL to SR. CTL

    Hey! I was just told today that I will be getting promoted to CTL. What is this position like? We haven't had one in months and the past 2 were honestly pretty awful. There is only 2 TMs that are coded in MAX as consumables and even though we are a high volume SuperT they only give consumables...
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    Archived Locating check lane candy?

    Recently my ETL-GE had the idea to locate the CKLN candy. Do any other stores locate candy? Is it worth back stocking all of the candy just to watch it be pulled in the CAFs?
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    Archived Bag report?

    New GSTL here. Is the bag report still a thing and if it is where can I pull it from?
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    Archived New GSTL Tips

    Hi All, I'm a newly promoted GSTL. I have been with Spot since August and I'm only 18. Here is the problem, all of the executives are behind me 100 percent in what ever it want to change but I am getting dirty looks from my pharmacy team members I used to work with and also other sales floor...