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    Archived LOA during blackout dates?

    Technically, Target doesn’t have blackout dates anymore! This is communication coming from HQ because so many stores will not let people off certain days and really that’s not fair to our team. Of course, some HRs do that but I do not. I work with my team an say if you take off Thanksgiving then...
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    Archived Sr TL - HR

    I make $23.50 in a southern state, but also my HRBP is very generous with pay!
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    Archived Beauty Team member pay?

    According to our new store modernization guides that came out last Monday. A Beauty TM is now a PG 3 which would be $10 an hour. We are able to tack on an additional .25 cents for experience! I know this doesn't sound like a lot but my district recruiter did comps on ULTA and other makeup stores...
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    Archived Youngest leadership in your store?

    Me! I'm 21, just got my third team leader assignment and will graduate from school in December with a Double Major.
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    Archived Complete Breakdown of all differences between a Sr TL and an Etl

    Used to be Sr. Consumables TL and I created the entire schedule for the food team(Produce/Meat/Dry/Dairy/Frozen). Not uncommon in my area. We were encouraged to do it to own our work centers, but we have a completely different culture at our store than most.
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    Archived Consumables Team Lead

    It really comes with time as well as the MyDevixe vendor names are wrong a lot of time. CTL is a great position and it really feels as if you are running your own business as you can make deals with vendors and TPC items in order to increase sales and compete with local retailers.
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    Archived No more ETL HR?

    I have also heard from my ETL-Hr at another store that the ETL AP/HR will no longer exist and that it will be replaced with a Sr. HR TL and a AP TL. Only one is opening up in my district, my HRBP said some thing about it to me three weeks ago about a new position opening up and that she saw me...
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    Archived Youngest TL/GSA you've seen?

    Me! I was 18 as a GSTL and now I am 21 and a senior in college and the Sr.CTL at my store.
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    Archived Possible to be a TL without open availability?

    I never work Sunday morning as a Sr TL. I also have off every Tuesday and Thursday for School with only Friday being fully open. I do work every weekend but in the end, I always know what is going on!
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    Archived Ordering wine

    Yes and no, in order to be competitive in selling alcohol you have to look at buying in bulk. What we make on a buying wine and beer a case a time is little compared to making 4 and 5 dollars a bottle when buying in bulk. I only have two varieties that have that margin though!Wish it was all...
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    Archived Ordering wine

    What does your store do in terms of protocol when it comes to buying wine? Is your ETL-Food involved at all or do they not even care? Do you buy case deals? Pass the savings on to the guests? My ETL hates everything wine, She hates when I do case deals etc. but when it comes to beer, she could...
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    Archived Share your paycheck..

    1023 after taxes...
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    Archived ETL-AP using probation officer to harass TMs?

    My store owns the entire parking lot in which the shopping center we are in
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    Archived Grocery transition

    Any one have a picture of the water pallets??
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    Archived How does your store schedule consumables?

    Are they 8 hours shifts? Are you a Super? High volume?
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    Archived How does your store schedule consumables?

    New in role Sr.CTL here and just wondering how our store schedules the consumable team. Like how many closers? How long? If you know how many hours you guys use that would be great as well. Right now I only have a person to open and a person to close, thats it. So it is pretty hard to close and...
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    Archived $10.00 Minimum Wage?

    Yes. At least in my group. I'm 99.9% sure this is chain wide. Makes no sense to pick and choose who goes to $10 starting pay and who doesn't.
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    Archived $10.00 Minimum Wage?

    It is going in to effect around April 1st. This will be prorated for your merit raise as well. No one but team leaders and above really know about it though.
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    Archived Price Cuts

    @Shirohime you are right, idk what the right wording is on the my device to tell the difference, but the HQ initiated TPCs are not able to have 3x3 signs printed, only 3x5 and 7x11. Thankfully we don't see those very often!
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    Store Paygrades

    I just got promoted to a N17 from a N13. Is it normal not to interview for this? I didn't even have any type of interview/questionnaire for N11 to N13. Consider myself lucky or nah?