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    Christmas Eve Hours 2021

    Common event, speak to your Har
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    Hiring Applying to another store

    What exactly did you do??
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    CVS just dipped out

    Common event
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    Being promoted without notice ?

    Two weeks went by, and you haven’t approached them yet? Do so immediately.
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    Sales Floor What departments are what?

    I think you should bug your TL and trainer, instead of training(working) off the clock. Unless you are the clock, in which case don’t?
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    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    I thought they gave you a plaque and it had someone else’s name on it, did they give you a blank one?
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    GM TL interview

    I think mentioning that you have experience managing a whore house in Nevada (even if you don’t) does two things. It throws the interviewer off, and it shows if you can manage whores. A bunch of teenagers should be a walk in the park. Edit: Interviewer will never contact a whore house to...
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    Did I Mention I Quit?

    Yeah, carrying around the ipad all day does make you sick 🙄
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    Left Target after 2+ years.

    Good for you.
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    Did I Mention I Quit?

    What were some pros and cons of your position?
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    Heading into peak season 2021

    So…… more freight, less TMs…
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    I just applied to every TL position in 25 miles

    Just avoid inbound TL, because that’s over night truck unload in many Markets. All other TLs positions have a 4am-12:30pm, 6am-2:30, 7am-3:30, 9-5:30 or 10-6:30 or closing TL which is 3pm-12am. Good , family comes first, the sooner you start putting family first the better and also good things...
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    Three Tier Accident Today

    Accidents happen, the little girl is fine, the mom got her starbucks and you have an interesting story now!
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    Should I go my mytime self service app on phone or by wall schedule ?

    What’s a wall schedule? I thought this was 2021+pandemic.
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    New $2/hr pay bonus?

    What does the busy season mean though, when has it been 🤬 slow?
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    New $2/hr pay bonus?

    Which is what?
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    Can you please add a few more paragraphs? Just to make it unbearable and more painful to read?
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    Goes something like this. Isolate the TM, e.g in an office etc. I always like having another TL with me if pos. Be cordial , firm and factual. Let em know why you got them isolated #metoo. Hi Ted we are here to talk about your attendance. According to the attendance detail report , you called...