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    Wrap your head around this one

    Everyone should just be doing this if you’re going to go on compliance. You can use “end work” for everything the time clock doesn’t know the difference between punches, it just sees it as a punch. So if you’re not scheduled or early just hit “end work” instead of waiting for an override
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    Specialty Off the Record HR

    hotline calls aren’t a big deal
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    Specialty Off the Record HR

    Raises outside of the yearly review are rare for a normal TM. I’ve seen a few tls get raises by approaching the dtl and pleading their cases. I think the most I’ve seen was $1.50/2.00.
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    No more than 30 hours.

    I haven’t heard anything official about keeping tms below 30 but it wouldn’t surprise me if it became a directive. Average hours for tms at my store is 16 since January anyway.
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    That’s a sales job and I’m sorry but TMs aren’t paid enough for that.
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    Invited to interview?

    It’s generally the next step in the process for externals
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    STL deleting my punches

    Call the hotline, HROC will pull the historical edit report and see if anyone is changing your punches. If someone is and shorting you time that is 100% a term for whoever is doing that. Target takes time clock fraud extremely serious. I’ve seen etls and tls get fired for it immediately after...
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    General HR and ETL relations advice please

    Just call the hotline if your hr doesn’t care
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    Quitting Due to Modernization

    What volume are you? What’s your headcount? Your store seems to be an outlier.
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    Safe and Secure

    Try to do the same thing in the same order everytime. Use your phone to keep a checklist on.
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    Quitting Due to Modernization

    Target doesn’t give hours based on performance
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    Specialty Off the Record HR

    It happens all the time, but it’s out of our control. If the etl or stl doesn’t like that tm they will find what they can no matter how small to term them. Target keeps what qualifies To get you termed pretty loose. I will also say that if you’re being pushed out 99% of the time at least in...
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    Specialty Off the Record HR

    I could really care less about target the corporation. I care about the team members first.
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    Background check for new position

    No one will call anyone to verify your previous employment, as long as you pass the criminal background check you’re good to go
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    My name was not on the printed schedule for next week, does this mean anything?

    It was probably just an oversight, when we are terming people we still schedule them on the next schedule, we just over post the hours then delete the shifts after the term.
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    Payroll question for probably ETLs and up or HR

    I don’t remember ever seeing a category in the payroll apps for “unique hours”
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    Corrective action/final/performance conversations

    If I remember correctly to get put on a final you need to do the SAME thing 3 times. And honestly it all depends on if your leaders like you. I’ve seen people get written up and coached for one call out and I’ve seen people that habitually call out, are late, ncns never have anything happen.
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    Hitting compliance

    Your Hr may have just fixed it for you which is why you never heard anything
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    Resources for Humans (An HR Thread)

    I’d let certain people use paper because if they tried to use the computer I’d end up having to show them EVERY single time how to do it anyway
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    Resources for Humans (An HR Thread)

    I was under the impression that they tried replacing the etl-hr with a srtl and it wasn’t working because the position demands a person who is pretty much on call for any serious HR issues.