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  1. Kartman

    TLs! What did you receive on your review?

  2. Kartman

    The Breakroom Memes

    More like a Home Depot meme I would guess...
  3. Kartman

    The Breakroom Memes

  4. Kartman

    Target posted a video about team leaders on YouTube.

    Fuck the guests. I was there for carts and trashcans, for the most part.
  5. Kartman

    Retail comic

    It works fine for me.
  6. Kartman

    Who has a TL or ETL on Social Media?

    For the most part, they don't care.
  7. Kartman

    Who has a TL or ETL on Social Media?

    It's not creepy to have a peer as a friend, too. NO Social Media AT ALL.... yea - right.
  8. Kartman

    What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

    And now I have my 18" floor tom!
  9. Kartman

    What’s is ATO

    Spot loves their acronyms!
  10. Kartman

    Smoking or non?

    I have no problem with vaping. I'm specifically talking about cigarettes. I vape 10% nicotine and love it.
  11. Kartman

    Target Memes

  12. Kartman

    G.M. Tone Deaf

    Tone deaf? WTF?
  13. Kartman

    Smoking or non?

  14. Kartman

    Other LGBT+ Folks?

    Oh, the drama!
  15. Kartman

    Smoking or non?

    I still can't believe with all we know now how so many people still smoke tobacco. When I was a 16 year old starting out I was warned that it's habit forming and I'll develop a smoker's cough. THAT"S ALL. My young mind said... "That's all? I don't care!" Now I have stage four incurable...
  16. Kartman

    NSFW A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villiany (NSFW)

    That makes me think of this...
  17. Kartman

    Target Memes

  18. Kartman

    What TV Shows do you watch?

    It surprised me, for sure... the way the roles seem to have reversed somewhat.
  19. Kartman

    Target Cafe

    Just don't forget that second lunch!!!