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    OPU coolers replacing Starbucks/Cafe seating.

    This seems to be a trend at many stores. The seating being taken out of the Starbucks or Target Cafe and OPU coolers put in where the seating area used to be. I'm curious as to what will happen after the pandemic is over. Will they take the OPU coolers out and put the seating back in? Or will...
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    OPU freezers and coolers.

    Does your store have OPU freezers and coolers? My store recently got them. They are at the front wall of the store by the cash registers. They have "team members only" signs on them.
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    How big is the seating area in the Starbucks at your store?

    My store's Starbucks has a small seating area. Just three small round tables. A Starbucks at another store near me has a large seating area. Four tables and one long bar table. The Starbucks at that store used to be a Target Cafe before the area was converted into a Starbucks. The seating areas...
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    I'm look forward to Target's Starbucks reopening.

    I will be really excited when they do. I like those Starbucks drinks out of the cooler alright, but they just aren't the same as an iced coffee bought at Starbucks.
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    Is Target Cafe defunct?

    Does any Target store still have one? All the Target stores near me have gotten rid of the Target Cafe.
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    COVID-19 Starbucks lobby closed.

    The Starbucks lobby at my store is closed right now due to the coronavirus. Starbucks is still open to get coffee but people can't sit in the lobby.
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    SuperTarget. Now called simply Target.

    Some thing I've read has said that as SuperTarget stores get remodeled they take the Super off the name and the stores, while being stores with a full grocery department, are simply called Target. Is this true?
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    Disney Store section in the Toys

    My store just added a Disney Store section to the toy department.
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    Target doing away with its red phones for customers.

    It is a step in the death of the landline phone. Businesses have been slower to do away with landlines than residences.
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    Archived Goodbye red phones.

    My store has gotten rid of the red phones replaced them with screens.
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    Archived I like how Target stores have music in the restrooms.

    All public restrooms everywhere should have music playing inside. And it should be loud enough to drown out the sounds of people using the restroom. Most other stores don't have speakers in the restrooms.
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    Archived Music at my store kept cutting off at my store during a certain song and the PA speakers went "ding".

    This was a time at my store this morning when the music cut off the PA speakers went "ding" music came back on cut off again and the PA speakers went "ding". This kept happening throughout a certain song. It would cut off and the speakers would ding. An employee was jokingly saying that someone...
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    Archived Game in the main walkway by the clothes.

    Does anyone else's store have a game in the main walkway? My store strangely has this game in the walkway by the clothes on the floor that you play with your feet. Strange that they would locate the game in the main walkway where it would get in people's way. Is it just my store?
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    Archived Three sources of music

    My store has music from three sources. The overhead music played throughout the store, the music played in entertainment, and the music played out of the televisions in the electronics.
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    Archived Fitting room and restroom remodels.

    Has your store gotten fitting room and restroom remodels? My store got them. The fitting rooms and restrooms were closed while being remodeled and temporary fitting rooms were set up and restrooms in a trailer outside.
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    Archived Do you miss...

    The neon lights? Music free stores? Garden centers? Fine jewelry? Photo? Target cafe? All the shoes being in the shoe department including the men's shoes instead of strangely having the men's shoes in the men's department away from the other shoes? The race ways being free of merchandise...
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    Archived To rock the boat. Don't rock the boat, baby. Rock the boat. Don't tip the boat over.

    What to sing when working at the electronics register.
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    Archived If your store used to have a garden center, what is in the space where it used to be?

    At my store the former garden center is just an empty boarded up space. It's been that way since the garden center closed long ago.
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    Archived Pfresh Targets that have two entrances similar to a SuperTarget.

    I remember reading something somewhere online where it was stated that some of the new Pfresh Targets that will be opening up in the next couple of years will have two entrances similar to a SuperTarget.
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    Archived If the American Target started opening stores in Australia.

    I can imagine there would be confusion because an unrelated Target already exists in Australia with the same logo.