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    Anyone else hate finding items with rippedoff/missing price tags/barcodes?

    Yeah! We used to have to make new tags for stuff at GS and attach an RFID sticker. That all stopped with covid, but now that we have more rfid guns, GS hasn't started doing it again and I don't think style has ever done it. I think they are the ones who should.
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    Cleaning and Disinfecting: is your store doing this?

    We only got a couple months off from them. We quit the cart cleaning thank goodness, but we still have some scheduled under cleaning. She just does reshop though. We also quit cleaning at SCO. I feel like we should clean that every half hour or so. They get nasty! No one cleans in the breakroom.
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    Is it stealing?

    That's against the rules. It should be donated or tossed. If they want candy in the BR, they need to requisition it or buy it themselves
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    Drive up

    We remove all the stickers from the bags and place them on the dry erase board thing that target provides in go cart. Removing the stickers makes it easy for the runner to scan them. We also have a velcro tab where we can stick a "cooler" label so that the runner knows the cooler items need to...
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    OPU questions

    Are we scored individually like SFS? I notice there's is a timer but what happens when it hits zero? It goes red and management gets all bothered. You should start bagging at 10 minutes. What happens if your missing an item from your cart and there's none left on the floor? If you can't find...
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    How did your store's black FRiday go?

    Busiest day of the year! It was almost like a normal Black Friday, but not quite
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    New POS

    In the Instore Checkout app (which is the register app you ring sales in) after the sale is completed, if you click the 3 lines on the top corner, the option of sales receipt and gift receipt will be there.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Yes I am LOL. The truth is everyone at my store, loves our store and has been working their ass off. We just don't have enough people.
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    One thing I've learned over the years is you can't push a rope
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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM: You have worked here for years. Your job is to do reshop. For the love of anything holy or not, please scan that shit before putting it in some random spot. That Halloween thing doesn't belong in Bullseye!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and eating all that good food. Knowing I'm getting paid for it, is a nice perk! I'm also looking forward to Black Friday. How does your store look? Mine has some opportunities LOL.
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    Ok how would you do it? It's great when your peers will listen to you. Many just won't. If you have an idea on how to get them to help, then it might be best to present it to your TL. Sometimes peer coaching can backfire and get you labeled as an asshole.
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    Mental health help for SO?

    I also say leave him. Getting help has to be his choice. He can go to the ER and talk to the doctor. Maybe after he is properly medicated, you can entertain being around him again, but people also tend to go off their meds when they are feeling good.
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    Buskers at your store

    I kind of enjoyed the music the few times I had to get carts over the summer. Their 3 songs got a little repetitive though. What bothers me is they aren't even playing the violin. The violin is a hard instrument to play and for them to fake it is horrible. Musicians train for years and years and...
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    It's almost like people here are speaking from experience. I've got 6 months on the bench. When a position opened up, I asked my ETL if I could apply. Even though I had told her many times, I wanted to have more responsibilities, what I could do to be better, etc she was shocked that I was...
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    That all sounds like normal TM stuff. It sounds like they like you a lot and maybe they will consider you, but there maybe others that are more ready. If it doesn't happen now, don't get too discouraged because the opportunity will come again
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    People can be on the bench for a good year. Do you have a mentor? Have they given you any special projects?
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    Closed Thanksgiving forever.

    You could come back
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    New POS

    Those visa credits and change due????? WTF??
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    Any way to get out of cashier shift for Black Friday?

    I'm looking forward to my cashier shift on BF. I'm more or less running the front that day and it will be one of my last cashier shifts