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    Is it stealing?

    Every time someone titles a thread "is this stealing?" The answer is always yes
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    Drugs, drugs, drugs!

    Have you had a vacation lately? Or a leave of absence? Sounds like your DC could use some reminders of what it looks like when good people leave and all they have are the screw-ups.
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    Every time I hear the word concur
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    I move too fast, said the guest...

    I would be like "absolutely won't happen again." And not change anything. Because they can't have their cake and eat it too. Guests don't complain about this type of thing often enough to make it worthwhile to allow yourself to fall behind on your tasks just in case they do. A lot of times when...
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    Hi, i was just fired a few hours ago and i was wondering...

    "Can't find" is a huge deal in Fulfillment because the sale is made and we have the money from the customer, just need to get the item. Its a big feel bad moment when the item you ordered gets canceled. I wouldn't expect you to be fired if this was your first offense UNLESS you were snarky and...
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    Does your target make you stay past closing time?

    Yes. Scheduled past, and then mostly everyone has to stay longer than that to get approval from the closing lead. For example, store closes at 10 schedule till 11 most of us have to stay till almost 12
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    Price Increases

    It's so aggravating to make a single label now. I have to have a mydevice, a hip printer and a roll of shelf labels. As far as I can tell you can't just add labels in a batch anymore to print from the signing room. I spent 20 minutes tracking down working equipment and labels the other day just...
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    Buskers at your store

    I've never heard the term Busker before is that a regional thing?
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    Should I quit?

    The difference between guest Advocate / cart cleaner and fulfillment is huge. You did not know what you were in for when you accepted the different position. Talk to your leader as soon as possible about your situation and your beliefs that you will be unable to fulfill the job requirements of...
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    Stores closed on Thanksgiving... forever!

    I absolutely do not believe it. Expect a reconsideration and revision of this policy in three or four years
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    Anyone else drowning in bikes right now? 25 on the sales floor, 45 built in the backroom, just got another shipment of 30ish.. Nowhere to stage them built. I guess they overestimated bike sales for my store
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    Any way to get out of cashier shift for Black Friday?

    Get yourself put in the hospital through no fault of your own. Near death (with proof) is the only excuse they'll take
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    Missing Mydevice

    No I think they were just hoping you would find it before they had to spend time looking for it
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    Heard something about a new name tag design from my ETL.

    So did we decide is there new name tag design or not?
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    POG = PlanOGram. The plan you go by to set the aisle OPU = Order Pick Up. The team that picks/gets the online order items PIPO = Pallet In Pallet Out. Items that arrive in a full pallet of a single item from the truck like water and paper towels. PML = Property Management Leader. Store mechanic/...
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    Who do I talk to about a wrong price at my store

    Yes you should fix it yourself but bottom line is if you want to keep your job do whatever your leader tells you to do. Always listen to the higher-ranked leader and do what they say regardless of what the lower-ranked says about it. I don't know about you but I'm not here to make friends I'm...
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    Who do I talk to about a wrong price at my store

    Then the Toys DBO or whoever works in Toys, the Team Lead who is over Toys, or the Hardlines ETL. Don't start with the ETL
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    Who do I talk to about a wrong price at my store

    Yourself. Change the sign or take it down if it's wrong don't wait and talk to someone else about it. Be proactive
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    Sales Floor *New Hire* How to reshop?

    Make sure it's nice and straight and just leave it there. Nothing else to do in the zebra with it. Move on to the next item. Do ask your team lead what to do. Don't wander around aimlessly hoping somebody will tell you what to do.
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    So just a quick hello from a lurker

    Welcome. Also from the South. Happy hurricane season!