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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    How you liking it so far? I like that I have access to workbench, it's browser based but better than nothing I guess. It seems like there's some functions similar on mywork like printing and scanning. I wonder if it will replace mywork at some point.
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    Do I need special privilege to view/print the grid?

    So I manage the presentation team and I always need to view the grid for only presentation tms (whole week) to plan our workload. Instead of asking someone else to print it every week can I do this myself? Do I need to be TL or above or can I ask my ETLs for special privileges. Thanks.
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    Did I miss benefit deadline 2/11?

    Forgot today was the deadline, went to check benefits site but I don't see where to apply? Am I too late or did it auto-enroll me from previous benefit???
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    Greenfield - no longer allowed to view other stores stats?

    A bit of a rant. I noticed Greenfield is stopping users from viewing other stores data/stats to compare. It started with SFS, now planogram set on time. I feel it takes away the fun factor of competing with other stores and is partially what drives me to do better. Could someone from Greenfield...
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    Toys reset

    Why is toys reset so small compared to last years? We didn't receive much merch to fill either.
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    Tips how to improve backroom location accuracy in Greenfield?

    Can someone tell me how to improve my backroom accuracies? I always thought I was thorough when pulling and backstocking but I'm jumping back n forth yellow to green but want to stay green. Do I get dinged if system says an item has 5 in this location. Ask to pull 5, but only has 3. I put 3 and...
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    Annoyed with vendors coming in week of set

    They come in on a Weds, Thurs, or Friday and expect their product or displays to be up by now. Well too bad, it's been a busy week and you just have to wait. Why can't they come the week after or Saturday to audit or put up their signing/displays?? The fuck.
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    Archived Questions about audit app

    I have a sort of an idea of how audit app works, but I get different answers about certain things. So please clear them up for me. 1. During or when finishing auditing, lets say back to school. Is there already a batch made to start pulling if theres merch in the back? 2. Where and under what...
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    Archived Question about Target email

    Question, is sending and receiving email restricted to only domain or can we send outside emails to vendors too? Also, how do you take a picture from phone and transfer it to a Target PC for mysupport/email purposes?
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    Archived When is open enrollment?

    Does anyone know when open enrollment (for dental insurance) is and does it renew automatically after the policy is over or do we have to sign up again?
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    Archived Printing off new 3x2 signs even possible?

    I can tell just by looking at the new 3x2 signs that it's gonna be hell trying to print off of. And sure enough, once I tried to print, it barely got into the paper feeder. Tried at least 7 times and it won't go through without jamming. We have a Lexmark printer. Any one else have any luck or...
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    Archived Who puts up the Amazon tablet displays for electronic transition?

    Before the PMT use to do it, now I heard there's a vendor that comes in. Did you guys receive any Amazon displays cause we didn't receive it.
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    Archived Can't reset my password at home?

    I reset my password on the phone and now I have to change my temp password to my own on myschedule page. But the 'Change Password' button isn't doing anything. Anyone else with this problem? I tried a different browser, used my PC and phone. It doesn't work?! I need to check my schedule.
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    Archived Prop 67 - Ban on one use plastic bags

    So our store just rolled out this ban. Holy shit does this suck. Are we suppose to ask everytime they want to buy a bag now? When guest buy from electronics and don't want a bag, how do TPS know if they paid for it?
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    Archived Vendor section in entertainment?

    So we have like 5 sections for vendor stuff. What exactly is suppose to go there? Are there any strips or signing? We have these vendors DVDs just flexed out and it look terrible.
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    Archived Any one else missing this week entertainment strips?

    Missing ours. tomorrow will be a pain...
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    Archived Tips on how to set shoes via Visual Adjacency

    So we started from strips to visual adjacency and its been a bit stuff for some of our team members to figure out. Any tips on how to set by VA easier? For me, I like to draw a line for every 4-6 shoes (depending on shoe box size) into sections and that seems to help. Here are some questions...
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    Archived Honoring price challenge under $20 rule

    So a year ago, our team got pulled in to make sure we understand that if a guest challenges a price on an item that's under $20 we should honor it no matter what and shouldn't actually check the price. Yet the GSA and GSTL still asks for price checks for little things like Halloween candy with...
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    Archived How's your softline zone?

    Our store is a mess, I do price change and have to scan each rack item individually. Not only is it not zoned, but about 30% of the hanger tag don't match the clothing size. This has been going on for at least 2 years now since our old store-op left. GaHHH....
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    Archived Why aren't shipper located?

    We usually don't have shippers located in the back, especially for HBA/Cosmetics. Is this normal for most stores? I had to pull a shit load of merch for HBA saleplanners only to find them later in shippers. So most of the stuff I pulled now has to be backstocked =| What happens in this case...