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    Archived Strengths and Opportunities

    I'm just curious what everyone's is. It's the amazing you or some crap now, but anyway what's yours. Strength: Manages Talent Solves Problems Opportunity: Engages and Inspires Others
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    Archived Front End

    I need back up to push this CAF? Who's coming to help? I didn't get a response, who's coming to help with this tub? I just want to recognize TM X1 for completing his reshop. That put's us at 1 cart complete on a goal on 25. Make sure you are explaining the benefits of putting items back...
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    Archived Interviews

    I just wanted to let some of you know there are new interview questions for leadership positions and one of the high rated answers was ****ing dumbfounding AMAZING.
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    Archived Someone please explain this to me.

    Why is it that the laziest, dumbest, clueless and ignorant people who can't run their work center always get the promotional opportunities?
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    Archived Requesting a copy of org chart 3

    Will someone please give me the information on head count for org chart 3 gm store.
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    Archived Private forum?

    Does anyone else think it would be worthwhile to have a private forum on here for management? Not to try and hide anything from regular posters but some information shouldn't always be shared with the masses yet but should be shared with peers so to speak.