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  1. daninnj

    COVID-19 CoVID Vaccine side effects

    ...aaaannd to round the corner. Got my 2nd shot on Wednesday. That night I felt horrible. The chills were real bad and kept me up all night. The aches and headache were especially unbearable. Called out and basically stayed in bed until now. Yesterday was a bit better although still felt like...
  2. daninnj

    COVID-19 CoVID Vaccine side effects

    Although counter to my experience, my "work wife" got hers yesterday and got tons of chills and dizzy spells and she called out today. So it's different for "every body."
  3. daninnj

    COVID-19 CoVID Vaccine side effects

    I got my first COVID shot, Pfizer, on 12/23 (I work in a hospital as an office worker but they gave all our frontline workers them with lightning speed and I was very willing to get it.) Had a very sore and heavy arm for about two days. Felt like I had an ear infection for a few days. Nothing...
  4. daninnj

    Hey Veterans, remember these?

    Holy. This was 11 years ago?
  5. daninnj

    A blast from the past

    I did like the glasses and shaker when I first saw them online but I think they were actually plastic instead of glass and for that price... NO! ...or maybe they were actually glass but they looked very cheap for the price.
  6. daninnj


    One of my ETL-HRs left and was seen on one of those gross ghetto reality TV shows as a stripper shaking his ass in the face of the woman who the show was about.
  7. daninnj

    Multiple ETLs?

    My store had two Hardlines back in 2008 for a few years. We also had 2 HRs as we were a focus store or whatever they called it.
  8. daninnj

    A blast from the past

    I think I bought the Rag & Bone shot glasses on clearance but that was it with that collection.
  9. daninnj

    A blast from the past

    I hope this pdf I found randomly makes some of the veteran TMs shudder.
  10. daninnj

    Archived Are we ready for an emergency situation?

    A few years ago, someone called in a bomb threat in the parking garage that is under our Market in the store. Our leadership called us all to the backroom on the other side and told us to stay on that end, all while guests shopped everywhere. I could not imagine the PR and carnage that would had...
  11. daninnj

    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    This thread makes me miss working at Target... then I begin to smack myself silly and snap out of it.
  12. daninnj

    Archived Fantasy Target

  13. daninnj

    Archived Anyone else feel Guilty?

    I worked at Target from 2008 to 2016. I went on leave for half a year, a new ETL HR contacted me one day asking when I was coming back and wouldn't work with the hours I wanted, told her I would let her know, never followed up, and continued to use my discount for a few more months until they...
  14. daninnj

    Archived The saddest thing...

    Please do not question the orb.
  15. daninnj

    Archived Your Weirdest Scam/Fraud Moment?

    I don't cashier or am at electronics much but a couple of weeks ago some dudes bought headphones and had three clothes (at electronics) with obviously switched clearance stickers on them (peeled off of something), sweaters that were obviously too new for clearance. I scan the barcodes and tell...
  16. daninnj

    Archived TL and TM relations?

    In more ways than one
  17. daninnj

    Archived Like, you know...whatever

    I wouldn't want to be in that store!! ;)
  18. daninnj

    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    We haven't had the seasonal endcap in three or four years since we have a year round kosher one. I always missed it.
  19. daninnj

    Archived Coupon Question

    Not all free coupons have a hologram. I got one sent to me recently (for an Innovasian frozen meal for entering 5 codes into their rewards program) and it didn't have one, but was printed on thicker paper and had a "Validate this coupon with this code" on it. Always remember to write the amount...
  20. daninnj

    Archived BlackFriday

    I got a great deal on Fieldcrest high thread count sheets a few months ago - 70% off :p