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  1. jackandcat

    When do you get a second 15 minute break?

    I think state laws vary. In our store, if you work a 6.5 hour shift, you get two 15s as well as your 30-minute meal break. Washington law may be a big part of this.
  2. jackandcat

    Price Increases

    I don't know who is officially tasked with pricing accuracy in our store. As a guest advocate, I'm seeing a distressing number of inaccurate price tags. On my lunch, I'll sometimes stroll over to see for myself. In my own shopping, I'm finding a lot of incorrect price tags. Inflation is driving...
  3. jackandcat

    Cleaning and Disinfecting: is your store doing this?

    I notice our store still receives hours for cleaning and disinfecting, and somebody is supposed to submit the daily C&D worksheet. I have seen very, very little cleaning. Carts - we have some spray and towels but cleaning isn't going on all the time. We don't have sprays and towels in our...
  4. jackandcat

    Closed Thanksgiving forever.

    Specifically, former CEO of Sears and Kmart Eddie Lampert really introduced America to Thanksgiving Shopping back in the Great Recession era (2008-09). He thought this gave Sears/Kmart an advantage over competitors. One by one, other retail stores joined suit and so we can really blame Eddie...
  5. jackandcat

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to each of you from the Puget Sound area!
  6. jackandcat

    Tenure pay

    No tenure pay offered at our store that I'm aware of. As mentioned in another thread, our region's stores bumped the starting wage to $17.50. It's possible that peak performers who bring the pay issue up with management might conceivably negotiate a pay boost, particularly if management is...
  7. jackandcat

    Should I quit?

    Very good advice. Other than becoming accustomed to standing on your feet throughout your shift -- and just about everyday can and does adapt -- the Guest Advocate positions are better suited to your abilities. Please give your leader and your store's management a chance to review your...
  8. jackandcat

    It's my Target aniversery today

    Last week, I marked another work anniversary as well. So..... my name is among those TM work anniversaries listed on our breakroom calendar.😁 Looking back, while my own career path at Target has been disappointing, overall I think this has been a pretty good place to work. Cheers for those of...
  9. jackandcat

    Locality-specific pay increases

    This is all very, very interesting. Like others, our store has lost TMs and TLs who have quit to take other jobs over the past three months. So it sounds like on a store-by-store level, the minimum base is increased but additional raises quietly offered to the most-valued TMs and TLs to keep...
  10. jackandcat

    How do you use employee discount?

    Enforcement of the employee discount policies is ASANTS.
  11. jackandcat

    Locality-specific pay increases

    It will be very interesting to see what happens to retail wage levels after December 25th (Christmas). Target isn't attracting as many new applicants as usual. What makes this rather perverse is that there's not any pay transparency for existing TMs.
  12. jackandcat

    Target will pay employees an extra $2 an hour for peak days of holiday season

    I for one will take a couple of weekend shifts along the way to get some extra money.
  13. jackandcat

    Locality-specific pay increases

    Our suburban Target near Seattle just bumped the minimum pay to $17.50 hourly. Our store faces enormous difficulty recruiting currently particularly as many stores are hiring, and Amazon in particular is scooping up new hires. What are others seeing in their stores?
  14. jackandcat

    Fall tm bonus

    Yup, Greater Seattle suburban Targets got the minimum bumped to $16.75. Nearly all Grade 35s in our Greater Seattle suburban stores are earning the same as brand-new hires. The nationwide $15 minimum wage has worked out great to attract new hires to Target in places like Fort Wayne, El Paso...
  15. jackandcat

    Target will pay employees an extra $2 an hour for peak days of holiday season

    This is a good step for Target. It will certainly reduce call-outs during an extremely busy season of the year. However, it's limited to a very precise number of days and had me wondering about two alternative approaches: first, having that premium pay on select weekends bumped even more to...
  16. jackandcat

    I'm done.

    Awesome! You deserved the chance to get ahead.
  17. jackandcat

    Does target pay for jury duty ?

    If you receive a jury summons, you should request to be excused. Tell the court that you cannot because of extreme financial hardship given your employer does not provide jury pay. In Washington state, the pay rates for jurors haven't changed since the 1950s: for most courts, they pay $10/day...
  18. jackandcat

    Fall tm bonus

    Congratulations to those of you who were awarded bonuses. Given these were limited to only one-fifth of hourly store TMs, I am pretty confident these were considered by leadership to be the most valued players on the team, which includes open availability and scoring high on various performance...
  19. jackandcat

    Fall tm bonus

    "Convo"? Is that a new phrase at Target? Kind of reminds me how TLs are indoctrinated to ask front-end TMs to "jump on" a lane.
  20. jackandcat

    Fall national 2021

    Absolutely zero info shared with us here.